Oooh, Hey Lil Mama How You Doing 
Heard That You Look'n For A Man 
Should Be The One Your Pursuing 
Girl You're Roll'n With A Big Dog
Aint No Pretending You Should Take A Load Off 
Fit Me Into your Agenda &
By The Way You Look I Know You Like That Shawty
From The Look Of Things 
You Don't Get Out Much Shawty
This Is Something She Aint  Had 
Hit The Mall We Pop'n Tags
Bought So Much Sh*t out The Mall That It's 
Bust'n Through The Bags

OK, I'mma be honest. I got a weakness for lil boyz. Not in a pedophile type way, but you the know the way you like kittens and puppies different than you love dogs and cats, like that? lil boyz now a days when they see something they want are very persistent in getting it and are willing to do thangs they don't know about but act like they do. As a woman you have no idea how many times I've heard the "age aint nothing but a numba line" but it is. It's tempting to see if and old dog can teach a puppy new tricks, but them fools aint house broken, the piss on the carpet and all they want to do is lay in your lap and take a nap. Anyone over 30 knows anyone under 20 aint how it goes, but I appreciate the attempt, though. I'll be honest. I've fallen for the banana in the tail pipe (Beverly Hills Cop) a time or two in my life, but what starts out exciting and cool ends up with stalk'n and drool. 

(if I'm old enough to be your mama, that's too much drama).

10/23/2012 05:35:05 am

you and chris brown and bow wow and soujia boy is find as hell can you be my boyfriend.

10/23/2012 05:36:37 am

chris bronw and trey songz bow wow


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