If You Meet "Bow Wow
In The Bed Room, He's Gonna "Beat It Up". 
Sh*t, The Only Thing He Beat'n Up Is Autotune

I feel bad when rappers start so young in the game and grow up and feel like they got to shed their adolescent image for a grown man image, instead of just being who and how you are. You can't be no poodle with a perm pup and then grow up to be a pit bull, nobody's gonna believe that. "Bow Wow" is dropping a new mix tape called "Greenlight 2" which which was pushed back to hit stores January 4th. "Meet Me In The Bedroom" is laced in auto tune and he aint really rap'n he try'n to do some old "Drake" sh*t and I aint feel'n it. Hope the rest of the mix tape gets better than "Meet Me In The Bedroom".

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