I'mma little confused, but when it comes to affairs of the heart you can't be, cuz the heart knows what it wants. "Timmy Lee" called me this morning and told me about the chick that was supposivelythe reason that "Kim" & "Reggie" broke up, was on the radio station spill'n da biznass. She was act'n like she didn't know they were together blah,blah,blah.

Now it's all making sense, cuz reports have it that "Reggie" and "Kim" are on again, so the next became the next and she's mad, so she's run'n her mouth. "Kim" was in New Orleans this past weekend doing a Dress for Success charity drive. You know she was scheming to run into "Reggie" so she could show him how good she looked, show em what he's missing, give em some boodie and get him back.  "Reggie" was spotted picking her up from the event and the two were spotted arriving to "Ruth Chris" together for dinner, the other night. Guess when you're together for 2 years a two week break, don't cut the cake.

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