I Don't Really Know "Brisco" 
& What Exactly His Beef Is With
 "Gucci", "OJ Da Juiceman" & "Waka Flocka"
But He Spit A Mean Diss
"Waka Blaka"

Miami rapper "Brisco" who's government name is "British Alexander Mitchell" is "Cash Money" affiliated and comes off with "Waka Blaka" diss'n "Waka Flocka Flame" over his own beat "Oh Let's Do It". I don't know what their personal beef is but how quickly people throw the same stone back at someone that was thrown at them first.

So "Brisco" starts off blast'n at "Waka Flocka" on "Waka Blocka" for gett'n robbed & shot in Georgia on January 19,2010.  "Waka" was robbed as he was washing his car at the "Bubble Bath" car wash after performing the night before at a club called "Tongue & Groove". An armed man with a tattoo of a dollar sign on his left cheek and tattoos betwen his eye brows of two circles, three squares and two more circles robbed him and shot him in the arm, but the bullet went through his ribs. "Waka" is expected to make a recovery. (Follow me, it's 2 stories in 1)

So this is where "Brisco" first line comes from:

"Bet a nigga won't run up on me like I'm Waka hit him with the blocka". 

But according to the "Miami Herald" on July 29, 2007 "Brisco" was the same dude who came to a barbershop at 1p.m. in Miami on 6th Avenue to get a haircut and got robbed and pistol whipped. Not only did they take from "Brisco$35,000 worth of jewelry including a diamond-encrusted gold watch, a gold chain, gold bracelet, Louis Vuitton wallet and over $1,000 in cash, but they also took his Range Rover.

If you don't believe me click the link read it or watch the video posted below for yourself. (Sounds like hate'n and thrown rocks when you live in your own glass house.)


Rapper "Brisco" Getting Robbed (Video)

"Brisco Diss Trac "Waka Blaka" 
"Waka Flocka", "Gucci" & "OJ Da "Juiceman"

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