"C-Murder", brother of rapper "Master P", and original member of "No Limit", enters a plea of no-contest, Wednesday, on 2 counts of attempted second degree murder. According to police in 2001, "C-Murder" (Monica's baby daddy), attempted to shoot the club owner and bouncer, because they would not let him into the club without being searched. (Dugh) Luckily the gun jammed so they didn't get shot, but it was all caught on tape. His plea holds a 10 year sentence, but with house arrest time served, he might only have to serve months.

With another court case August 3, for a second-degree murder charge, for the shooting of a 16 year old boy January, 12, 2002. Because of his felony plea, this gives him a felony conviction, which will be used against him, and can have an effect on this case. If found guilty, he will be mandated to serve an automatic life sentence.

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