The murder trial is over for Corey "C-Murder" Miller and the jury could come back with a verdict as early as August 11th.

"C Murder's" attorney, Ron Rakosky, wrapped up his closing arguments this morning. He's being tried for the second time because his previous trial resulted in a mistrial for his role in the 2002 murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas.

Prosecutors had 13 witnesses come in front of the court, two who claimed to have seen "Miller" shoot the victim. Despite previously reported claims that another man, Juan Flowers, had admitted to committing the murder, Rakosky failed to produce any live witnesses.

In an effort to ensure his client receives a fair trial, Rakosky is reportedly seeking another mistrial, claiming prosecutors made a deal with one of the witnesses in exchange for his testimony.

 If convicted, Miller would be facing a mandatory life sentence in prison.

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