F*ck It Call Me a Hater, Full On Instigator
Leaving Nigga's On Incubators 
Breathing Like Dark Vader

I guess "D12" got tired of being "Eminem's" b*tches and grew some nutts and are trying to come hard on "Eminem". "DZK" and "D12" are featured on "Canibus'" song "Air Strike" which is off of "Canibus'" new album "Melatonin Magik" dropping Febuary 2009.

Eh, they get on "Eminem's" drug use, diss'n "Nick Cannon", tell'n the business with "Mariah Carey", about gett'n beat by his step dad, bout "Bruno" butt in his face at the award show, being suicidal, him pick'n on artist who lyrically can't get back on him & being scared of black people.

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