"Cassie" Is Cool With Being A Home Wrecker 
& Knows How To Play The Position

Ya'll know I don't be paying no attention to "Cassie" but looks like since her lack of talent, shaving her head & pose'n naked didn't start a buzz she starts tell'n bizz. Her new song "What She Don't Know Wont Hurt Her" has hit the net, and is basically bragging about how she cheated with Sean “Diddy” Combs and this is why she is known in the industry as the “other woman”. The rumor is that she's coming at "Puff's' baby  mama and on-again, off-again girlfriend "Kim Porter". In the lyrics "Cassie" sings  “So when they see us together, he says I’m just a friend/ But me and him know what up, so we know we must pretend/ So when she comes up to you, saying that she knows about what we do/ I’ma tell her, What she don’t know wont hurt her/ So then she goes through your phone/ Gave me a secret name so she wont know.” Guess this will be off of her "Electro Love" album which is scheduled for release 2010.

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