"Oakland" Rapper "Haji Agent 8
"I Miss Her
(Official Video)

Twitter: @HAJIAGENT8

"Haji Agent 8" drops a nice little track, dedicated to his grandmother (RIP). "I Miss Her" displays the undying love he has for his grandmother and the love, support and encouragement that she had for him, not only in his rap career, but in life in general. Grandparents are the heartbeat of the family, so I know her presence is truly missed. 


(10) "Bay Tracks, That Slap"

"Who Do You Love" [Freestyle]

"Cookie Money" Ft/ "Elzie" - "Be Cool" (Official Video)
"Young T."
"Like Me"
"Rayven Justice" - "Red Nose" [R&B Remix]
"Mike Marty" Ft "B Fresh" & "Taj-He-Spitz" - "Music Loud"
"City Shawn" - "Cruise Control"
"ST Spittin" - "Hot Flash"
"Tendertrio" - "Drop Ice"
"Clyde Shankle" - "No, Gain"
"Illa Money" Ft. "Louie G The Don" - "Goin In"

"Who Do You Love" [Freestyle]
Twitter: @IAMSU

"Cookie Money" Ft/ "Elzie"
 "Be Cool" (Official Video)

Oakland California's new rap artist 6th single off of Cookies World.

"Young T.
"Like Me"

Twitter: @Young_T_Armada

"Rayven Justice"
"Red Nose" [R&B Remix]

"Mike Marty" Ft "B Fresh" & "Taj-He-Spitz
"Music Loud"
Twitter: @MikeMFMarty @tajhespitz

"City Shawn"
"Cruise Control"
Twitter: @CityShawn

"Oakland" Rapper "ST Spittin"
"Hot Flash"
Twitter: @STSpittin

"Drop Ice"

"Clyde Shankle
"No, Gain"
Twitter: @ClydeShankle

"Illa Money" Ft. "Louie G The Don
"Goin In"


 Oregon's "Cool Nutz" Ft Oakland's "Mistah Fab"
 "Know God
[Official Video]

Twitter: @CoolNutz @MistahFAB

Bay Area standout Mistah Fab and Portland, Oregon hip-hop mainstay Cool Nutz come together and drop visuals for the heartfelt "Know God".

During Mistah Fab's stop in Portland for The Greatest Toy Drive Ever, they teamed up to use the cities skyline and urban landscape as the backdrop to Trox produced "Know God".

"Know God" is taken from Cool Nutz's latest album "Elegant Thuggin" which features appearances from E-40, Tech N9ne, The Grouch, Ras Kass, Krizz Kaliko, Messy Marv, Pricy, Bosko, Arjay, and More.

1. Smash feat Liv Warfield
2. Champagne Toast
3. Killen Em feat Ras Kass and Bosko
4. The Good Life feat Potluck
5. Affiliation feat Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko
6. The Don't Have To Know feat. E-40 and DD Artis
7. The Beezy
8. All About The Money feat E-40 and Doey Rock
9. Blacktop feat Pricy
10. Mine feat. The Grouch and Arjay
11. She Wants To Love Me feat Messy Marv and Arjay
12. Know God feat Mistah Fab



Off New "#MORPHINE" Album

Twitter: @Real_CellyCel @TheRealSuryil


(10) "Bay Blaps, That Slap"
"Lil Ro" Ft. "E-40", "J. Minixx" - "Stay Out My Bidness"
"One Drop Scott" Ft. "B-Legit" & "Harm" - "All Night Party"
"Molly Boys" Ft. "Too Short" - "Twerk"
"Capo Click" Ft. "J. Stalin" - "Hood Rich"
"Iamsu's Heart Break Halloween"
"Lil Blood" Ft. "J. Stalin" & "Stevie Joe" - "Never Tell"
"Rhino" & "TC Kapone" Ft "Shady Nate" - "Fly Wit It"
"Lover Lover Player Boy" Ft "Kool John" - "You See Me"
"Dosia Bo" Ft "Messy Marv", "Fetti Mac" - "Deep Dish Rims"
Matty Slims Ft Ziggy - "Loose Ends"

"Vallejo'' Rapper "Lil Ro" Ft. "E-40", "J. Minixx
"Stay Out My Bidness"

Twitter: @lilromusic @E40 @coolworld

"One Drop Scott" Ft. "B-Legit" & "Harm
"All Night Party"
Twitter: @blegit72 #OneDropScott #Harm

"Molly Boys" Ft. "Too Short
Twitter: @mollyboygang

(Vallejo) "Work Dirty" Presents: "Capo Click" Ft. "J. Stalin"
 "Hood Rich"
Twitter: @WorkBabee #CAPOClick @JSTALINLIVEWIRE

"Iamsu's Heart Break Halloween"
Twitter: @IAMSU

It's no secret that Iamsu! and Sage The Gemini are two of the most talented, prolific, and successful young artists in rap right now. Between the two of them, they've churned in no less than a half-dozen Billboard charting singles - "Gas Pedal," nearly certified-platinum single which features both Su! and Sage among them, along with "Red Nose," "UP!," "Function," and more. What's lesser known is that, together, Iamsu! and Sage make up part of one of the most talented young crews in rap, HBK Gang, a crew that not only is experiencing far-reaching mainstream success across the board - HBK member P-Lo produced Yo Gotti's "Act Right" - but dominating the West Coast.
Last week, all of HBK Gang - Iamsu!, Sage The Gemini, P-Lo, Kool John, Jay Ant, Skip, Rossi, and CJ - put on a special concert, Heart Break Halloween, in the process selling out the 1,400-capacity Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. Video director David Camarena was there to capture the action, as the hyped Bay Area crowd came out, in Halloween costumes, to support their buzzing hometown heroes.

"W. Oakland's" "Lil Blood" Ft. "J. Stalin" & "Stevie Joe
"Never Tell"
@lilblood_DAkid @JSTALINLIVEWIRE @StevieJoe800

 "Rhino" & "TC Kapone" (San Jose) 
Ft. "Shady Nate" (Oakland)
 "Fly Wit It"
Twitter: @tckapone1 @SHADY28NATE

"Lover Lover Player Boy" Ft. "Kool John"
 "You See Me"
Twitter: @LovrLovrPlyrBoy @K00LJ0HN

(San Diego) "Dosia Bo
Ft. (Frisco) "Messy Marv" & (San Diego) "Fetti Mac"
 "Deep Dish Rims"
@dosiabo @THAREALFETTIMAC @LilPaperdUpMess

"Miami/Frisco" Rapper "Matty Slims" Ft "Ziggy" (San Jose)
 "Loose Ends"
Twitter: @MattySlims @ZiDouble408


"Richmond, Ca" Rapper "Iamsu"
"Hipster Girls" (Official Video)

Twitter: @Iamsu


(10) "Bay Blaps, That Slap"

"D-Lo" - "Choppa Dance"
"Touchscreen Trell" Ft. "Cousin Fik" - "Yea Right"
"Taj-He-Spitz" Ft. "D-Lo" - "Get Out The Bed"
"INFAMOUS KABOO" Ft "BLE$$" -"CRIME" (Official Video)
"XL Middleton" Ft "Mistah FAB" & "Reality Jonez" - "Cool"
"Fatt Makk" Ft "Phill Clinton", "Erk Tha Jerk" & "Willie Joe" - "We Go"
"Kurt Diggler" Ft. "Philthy Rich" & "Pooh Hefner" - "Miley C."
"Sage The Gemini" & "Iamsu!" - "
Gas Pedal" [DJ Salva Remix]
"EDubb" & "Mac Mall" - "Throwin Hunnids"

"Oakland" Rapper "D-Lo"
 "Choppa Dance"

Twitter: @MRNOHOE

(707) "Vallejo, CA" Rappers 
"Touchscreen Trell" Ft. "Cousin Fik
"Yea Right"

Twitter: @Trell707 @CousinFik @SBfocus


Yea Right, Yea Right-Yea Right, me and my team get it in all night....

Touchscreen Trell from the Moe Green backed "Out Crowd" links up Cousin Fik of E-40s Sick Wid It Records and producer SB Focus on the hard hitting "Yea Right".

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "Taj-He-Spitz" Ft. "D-Lo"
"Get Out The Bed"

Twitter: @tajhespitz @MRNOHOE

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "INFAMOUS KABOO" Ft "BLE$$"
"CRIME" (Official Video)


"XL Middleton" Ft. "Mistah FAB" & "Reality Jonez

Twitter: @XLMiddleton @MistahFAB @RealityJonez

"Fatt Makk" Ft. "Pill Clinton", "Erk Tha Jerk" & "Willie Joe
"We Go"

Twitter: @PiLLCLINTON650 @erkthajerk @WillieJoeWB

"Kurt Diggler" Ft. "Philthy Rich" & "Pooh Hefner"
 "Miley C."

Twitter: @mrkurtdiggler @philthyrichFOD & @pimpyDOaob

(707) "Suisun" Rapper "Sage The Gemini" & "Iamsu!"
 "Gas Pedal" [DJ Salva Remix]

Twitter: @SageTheGemini @IAMSU @salva

Oooh, with that "Back To The Hotel", beat in the background, the remix its a smack down!!!!!!!!

Rappers "EDubb" (Richmond, CA) & "Mac Mall" (Vallejo) 
"Throwin Hunnids"

Twitter: @IAmEDubb @TheRealMacMall


Twitter: @RickRockbeats 


(11) of (27) Tracks Off "The Jacka" & "Freeway's
"Write My Wrongs" (Mix Tape) 

"Write My Wrongs" Ft "Jahdan Blakkamoore"
"Both Coasts" Ft "Erk Tha Jerk"
"Mega Man" Ft "Husalah"
"Stay Asleep" Ft "Phil Da Agony"
"Freedom Writers" Ft "Hollow Tip" & "T Wayne"
"Real Hood" (Remix) Ft "Lee Majors"
"No Imagination"
"All Kinds Of Em" Ft "Husalah"
"Cherry Pie" Ft "Freddie Gibbs" & "Jynx"
"So Many Animals"

Twitter: @theJacka @Phillyfreezer

You got to peep the "Write My Wrongs" mix tape by The Bay's "Jacka" and Philadelphia's "Freeway". It's 27 tracks of hard hit'n cracks.  "Freeway" and "The Jacka" team up to take you on a hood ride from coast to coast. "Write My Wrongs" is just the teaser, but still a pleaser, to the up coming release to their new album called "Highway Robbery". Two of my favorites are "Cherry Pie" and "Both Coasts" Ft Erk Tha Jerk. I'm in high anticipation of their collaborative album, "Highway Robbery" dropping Nov 12th. and it's good to hear good hood music from the East to the West, but we still da best. (lol)

In "Write My Wrongs" Mixtape, DJ Child takes you on a journey of two hoods with old skool tracks from previous collaborations along with new slap tracks, remix's, interludes & leak's off their forthcoming album.

Write My Wrongs" from so many dudes I can't even list them all, like Erk That Jerk, Lee Majors, Freddie Gibbs, Husalah, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Phil Da Agony and more. Production from Jeffro, Statik Selektah, DJ Child, DJ Toure, Bedrock, RobLo & more...

1.Freeway & The Jacka - Day Of Judgement (Intro)
2.Freeway & The Jacka - Write My Wrongs (Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)  
3.Freeway & The Jacka - Mega Man (Feat. Husalah)
4.Freeway & The Jacka - They Don't Know 
5.Freeway & The Jacka - Law 5 Interlude 
6.Freeway & The Jacka - They Don't Know Pt. 2 
7.Freeway & The Jacka - The Truth Interlude  
8.Freeway & The Jacka - No Imagination 
9.Freeway & The Jacka - Born In The Struggle Interlude 
10.Freeway & The Jacka - Both Coasts (Feat. Erk Tha Jerk) 
11.Freeway & The Jacka - Never Sleep Interlude (Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore) 
12.Freeway & The Jacka - Stay Asleep (Feat. Phil Da Agony)
13.Freeway & The Jacka - Law 15 Interlude
14.Freeway & The Jacka - Submit
15.Freeway & The Jacka - Combine The Coasts
16.Freeway & The Jacka - War Weary Interlude 
17.Freeway & The Jacka - Combine The Coasts Pt. 2 
18.Freeway & The Jacka - All Kinds Of Em (Feat. Husalah)
19.Freeway & The Jacka - PGM AR All Day Interlude 
20.Freeway & The Jacka - Real Hood (Remix) (Feat. Lee Majors)
21.Freeway & The Jacka - Cherry Pie (Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Jynx) 
22.Freeway & The Jacka - So Many Animals
23.Freeway & The Jacka - So Many Animals (Remix) (Feat. Fed-X)
24.Freeway & The Jacka - Critical Thinker Interlude 
25.Freeway & The Jacka - Fallen Soldiers Interlude
26.Freeway & The Jacka - Freedom Writers (Feat. Hollow Tip & T-Wayne) 
27.Freeway & The Jacka - Highway Robbery Outro

The Jacka & Freeway Feat Jahdan Blakkamoore
"Write My Wrongs"

The Jacka & Freeway Feat Erk Tha Jerk
"Both Coasts"

The Jacka & Freeway Feat Husalah
"Mega Man"

The Jacka & Freeway Feat Phil Da Agony
"Stay Asleep"

The Jacka & Freeway Feat Hollow Tip & T Wayne
"Freedom Writers"

The Jacka & Freeway Feat Lee Majors
"Real Hood" (Remix) 

The Jacka & Freeway 
"No Imagination"

The Jacka & Freeway Feat Husalah
"All Kinds Of Em

The Jacka & Freeway Feat Freddie Gibbs & Jynx
"Cherry Pie

The Jacka & Freeway 

The Jacka & Freeway 
"So Many Animals"



TWITTER: @StevieJoe800 
@lilblood_DAkid @TheHoodstarz @4rAx


(10) "Bay Blaps, That Slap"

Rayven Justice Ft. Keak Da Sneak & Philthy Rich - "Slide Thru"
M.I.C. Ft. Jonn Hart - "Clothes Gotta Go"
Kam Ft. HBK Skipper - "Make It Clap"
Taj-He-Spitz - "Da Hottest Out"
A-1 - "Guns Off"
JayNFresh Ft. D-Lo, Sage The Gemini - "B.T.A.U."
YG Ft. Mistah Fab & Mitchy Slick - "Outta Town"
DJ Upgrade - "Do Yo Thang"
illicit Blues Ft. Alli Hart - "Chasing Dreams"
Messy Marv - "Lil PaperdUpMess: Playboy Gangsta" Album (Snippets)

M.I.C. Ft. Jonn Hart 
"Clothes Gotta Go"

Twitter: @OfficialMic @4jonnhart

(San Diego) Kam Ft. HBK Skipper (Bay)
"Make It Clap"

Twitter: @KamWilTheGreat @HBKSkipper

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "Taj-He-Spitz
"Da Hottest Out"

"Frisco" Rapper "A-1
"Guns Off"

Twitter: @AdamRaps


Peace to everyone,

I made this song about the death of Trayvon Martin because I wanted to share a perspective that I felt wasn't being addressed at the time I wrote it.

If you are out of high school, look back and try to remember what it was like to be there. Many of us did crazy stuff at that age, some of which may have been frowned upon by society, some of which we may regret. A great many of us, however, have since moved on from being experimental, sometimes reckless teenagers to being productive and influential members of society.

One of the things that disappoints me most in watching these high profile cases is the way the youngest victims are often portrayed so poorly by the media after they're dead and can't publicly defend themselves. Unflattering pictures, old police records and text messages are used to demonize young people, making it easier to justify their often unjust deaths.

I don't think I had a cell phone when I was 17, but if I did you probably could've found enough material in it to make me look like whatever kind of horrible person you wanted to. The problem is that people don't stop growing at 17. They get older, wiser, and can go on to do amazing things.

Since high school I've grown a lot, helped some people along the way, taught some people, made some cool stuff, and tried to spread some positivity that I wouldn't have been able to spread if my life had been cut short back then. Who's to say a Trayvon Martin or an Oscar Grant wouldn't have done the same or better?

Every life is as important as the next, but the younger a person is when they die, the more unrealized potential for greatness they leave behind.. and that to me is a great tragedy.

Let's respect the dead by realizing our potential for greatness.

One love,

-Adam / A-1

JayNFresh Ft. D-Lo, Sage The Gemini (707/Suisun

Twitter: @JAYnFRESH 
@MRNOHOE @SageTheGemini

YG Ft. Mistah Fab & Mitchy Slick 
"Outta Town"

Twitter: @YGHootieBSM @MistahFab  @MitchySlick

"Oakland's" "DJ Upgrade"
"Do Yo Thang"

Twitter: @DJ_Upgrade

DJ Upgrade drops a Burger Team park anthem on Burger day! RIP Burger. Shout outs to Smoke. a B Team member and creator of the dance.

"illicit Blues" Ft. "Alli Hart
"Chasing Dreams"

Twitter: @illicitRecc @TheGreatAlli

"Frisco" Rapper "Messy Marv
"Lil PaperdUpMess: Playboy Gangsta"
The Unofficial Album (Snippets)

Twitter: @LilPaperdUpMess

"Oakland" Singer "Rayven Justice"
 Ft. "Oakland" Rappers "Keak Da Sneak" & "Philthy Rich"
"Slide Thru"

Twitter: @RayvenJustice  @philthyrichfod