"Ace Hood
ft. Beanie Sigel, Busta Rhymes, Pusha T & Styles P
"Go N Get It"  (Remix) 


Whoo Used Who?

In a recent interview "Beanie Sigel" reveals "50 Cent" used him for a publicity stunt and he's not singing to "G-Unit."Beanie" revealed during an interview with "The Source" magazine, that  "50 Cent" used him to ignite some interest in his album "Before I Self Destruct". But "Beanie" says he aint not punk and do not be fooled cuz he knew what it was when it was "50 Cent" may have used "Beanie", but "Beanie" used "50 Cent" too.

“If 50 Cent is using Beans to do what he’s going to do, that’s cool,” the rapper told "The Source". “But at the same time, Beans is using 50 Cent to do what I need to be done. So at the end of the day, we use each other, but we don’t misuse each other.”

Even though Beanie is still no signed to a major recored company but is excited about the release of his upcoming project, "Roc Boys" set to be released February 23, 2010


Beanie Sigel Gett'n Pimped By 50 Cent?

I knew there was something to it. "Beanie Sigel" just came out the blew after years of being quiet and started running his mouth about "Jay Z", "Dame Dash", and "Rockafella" records. Now it's all making sense. We all know that "50 Cent" is the king of funk and drama and every time he goes to release a new album he finds a new victim to pick on. So it's officially official that "Beanie Sigel" has joined "G-Unit", and needs to get his name buz'n so he starts buz'n about "Jay Z".

Beanie Says: “I’m putting my foot on his neck ’til he responds.”

I'm Not Your Average Cat" (Jay Z Diss)


Jay Z Called The C-O-P's & The F-E-D's?

EEEEH! This is hot off da presses, and some one's got to clean up the messes. "Beanie Sigel" goes hard and then goes home on "Jay Z's" dome. Sounds like he's spitt'n the real and tell you how he feels about the hole "Rocka Fella" get down, but make no mistakes he feels he's the only one that can get in "J's" face. You got to listen to the end, beyond the funk he's still his friend.

Know what I'm start'n to like "Beanie Sigel". I think coming from a coast where not "everyone wants to be a rapper" but "everyone is a rapper", he gets lost on the shuffle of cards, in the game, but in the end we gonna remember his name. Think he's finally gett'n out the shadows and standing in the light with "Broad Street Bully".

01. Beanie
02. Why Wouldn’t I
03. Tear Drops
04. Where’s My Opponent Ft. Omilio Sparks And Freeway
05. Ready For War Ft. Freeway And Young Chris
06. All For It
07. Sicker Than Your Average Ft. Freeway
08. Run To The Roc Ft. Young Chris And Omilio Sparks
09. Bang Bang Ft. Murda Mill
10. Return Of The Chain Gang Ft. Young Chris
11. You Over Did It Ft. Young Chris And Murda Mill
12. The Ghetto

Once again "Beanie Segal" was arrested, but this time was for possession of weed. "Beanie" was pulled over by the po-po on his way to a concert in Wrightstown, New Jersey and got caught with 50 grams of weed on him. 

Ugh. How dumb can you be? That much weed goes in the trunk, cuz if you do get pulled over they need a warrant to search the trunk. 2nd when you got that much weed on your person you don't smoke in the car.