"Pusha T" & "Lil Wayne" Beef'n Over "Drake"?

"Pusha T" - "Exodus 23:1" (Drake Diss) 
"Lil Wayne" -"Ghoulish" ("Pusha T" Diss) 

Pusha T 
"Exodus 23:1" (Drake Diss) 

Lil Wayne
"Ghoulish" (Pusha T Diss)

Lil Wayne 


Female Rap Vet "Rah Digga
"The Nigga In Me
(Tyler The Creator & Fat Trel Diss)

Female rap vet "Rah Digga" has come back firing at two rappers who have been going at her on Twitter and in a song. Both "Tyler, The Creator" and a D.C. rapper by the name of "Fat Trel" have dissed "Digga" by saying she looks like a man. "Tyler" also uses a "dyke" reference when talking about "MC Lyte" in the song "Rella".

"Digga" not only released a new diss track aimed at both rappers, but also a press release stating her reasoning.

"I didn't make this record for press purposes or for hype cuz that's not my thing," she said. "I got wind of various artists referencin me in a negative fashion. They poked fun at me I'm just pokin back. Its all sport to me. I wish em all the best, they just need to understand who is off limits. MC Lyte is off limits. Rah Digga is off limits. Respect those who kept hip hop raw so that we could still have a culture or get a first hand lesson in a lyrical a$$ whoopin. Love is love."

Digga responds to Trel first:

"This guy, you barely caught a meal short of fish fry / Think of letting this slide? / Fat Trel could kiss my global rap a$$ / He barely out of D.C., tried to look him up, he ain't even got a Wiki."

She then turns her attention to Tyler, The Creator, who trolled her on Twitter by constantly wishing her a Happy Father's Day.

"I was trying to support this young black man / It's too bad, you probably lost your only black fan," she snarls. "Take it any further, and you might catch a backhand, bitch!"

IDK, why would you make beef with someone who you aint even got beef with? You can say what you want in your lyrics, but when you get on "MC Lyte" people aint trying to hear it. She's a vet, that deserves respect. "Rah Digga" may sound like a n*gga, but she spit hotter on wax, then more than half this dudes with #1 tracks


(11) Tracks From "Ludacris
"1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time"

"Bada Boom" (Official Video)
"Back For The First Time"
"History Lesson"
"Save It For Another Day"
"Say It To My Face" Ft "Meek Mill"
"Do Something Strange" Ft. "Rick Ross"
"I'm On Fire" Ft. "Big K.R.I.T."
"What Are You Smoking On" Ft "Wiz Khalifa"
"I Aint The One" Ft "2 Chainz
"Shake N Fries" Ft. "Gucci Mane"

"Bada Boom" (Official Video)


"Can You Buy That"  

"History Lesson"

"Save It For Another Day"

"Say It To My Face" Ft "Meek Mill"

"Do Something Strange" Ft. "Rick Ross"

"I'm On Fire" Ft. "Big K.R.I.T."

"What Are You Smoking On" Ft "Wiz Khalifa"

"I Aint The One" Ft "2 Chainz

"Shake N Fries" Ft. "Gucci Mane"


"Bada Boom
 (Drake & Big Sean Diss) 

Ummmmmmm, all I can say is "Ludacris" "Said It With Your Chest", and laid "Big Sean" to rest. YIIIIKES! This is what happens when new-b's start'n cap'n, they got to hear back from an "O.G.", who is a professional at blap'n.

I'mma be honest, I hate to see a rapper stoop down to someone else's level, but I guess sometimes just like beef on the streets, some time you got to stomp em with your feet. "Ludacris" is a lyrical assassin, and if you aint ready to have a battle of words, you betta act like you heard.

Basically "Bada Boom" is a diss track to "Kanye's", "Good Music" artist "Big Sean", who is way too new in the game to claim that "Ludacris" & "Drake" stole his game. The whole beef is over "Big Sean" giving an interview, a year ago, and stating that "Drake" & "Ludacris" stole his lyrical style, like a missing child

To hear the words straight fom "Big Sean's" lips click on "What's Crack'n" to see what's happen'n.


"Oakland"/"Live Wire" Dudes
"Shady Nate" & "Philthy Rich
"F*ck Lavish D

Obviously I'm way late, but I'm try'n not to get in, where I do not want to fit in.

Sounds like it's some beef on da grill, but let me keep it real. The beef may smell like it's between "Sacramento" & "Oakland", but it AINT. It's personal beef. It's baby mama drama

I guess someone from "Livewire" was mess'n with "Lavish D's" baby mama and it started some drama. "Lavish D" started running his mouth and the diss tracks started to come out.

"Shady Nate" & "Philthy Rich" of the "Livewire Gang" responded  to Sacramento rapper "Lavish D's" diss track about "Livewire".

This beef got to be the kind that get stuck in your teeth, cuz I wouldn't of gave "Lavish D" the time of day. He aint on nobody on "Livewire's" level and all they did was elevated his status, like he's greens and not cabbage. But they did go in so hard on dude, I got an attitude. (lol)

I just hope everyone remembers this aint no SAC vs. OAK type beef. This is baby mama beef, between da sheets.

Now, I tried to find "Lavish D's" initial "Lavish D disses The Livewire Camp", but everyone I found, it was "this video has been taken down, by the user". Got tired of look'n, so I started in the middle of the funk, I just hope it don't end with dudes pop'n trunks.

Lavish d respondz 2 LIL RUE and PHILTHY RICH diss 

F*ck Lavish D aka (Lavish Wank Wank) Pt.2 

(Prison Inmate Interview)


"Beef" It's What's For Dinner In The Bay
"East Oakland" Rapper "Kafani
"Push Up On A Nigga" (Lil B Diss Song)

Twitter: @kafani 

Man, I just hate to see "The Battle Of The Bay" in this way. Here you got "East Oakland" rapper "Kafani" making a diss track about "Lil B" for speaking on his name. I feel you got to step up and rep up, but is it worth it. If anyone spent time fighting everyone that spoke bad, life would really be sad. 

But now, I guess in the rap game when your money is your name, you got to do what you got to do, to protect your fame.

Man-to-man, the rapper tried to reach out to Lil B directly, via a private message on Twitter, in an attempt to iron out the situation. But, said it turned into a back-n-forth argument.

Argry with the Based God, Kafani decided to air it out on video ... and issue a threat.

"Pillow talking to them bitches n****, gonna get you f*cked off," the rapper said in an online clip.

"You a bitch bruh ... walking around in them tight ass jeans, n****. When I see you I'm gonna slap the sh** out you. You know I got money, n****, so you know I'maa find you. I'm on house arrest right now. Got a few months. When I come off house arrest I'm gonna embarrass your bitch ass. Believe that."

While Lil B hasn't responded, directly to Kafani, he tweeted a bunch of general comments about staying positive despite the hate he receives.

"Keep the love and positive spirit in ur heart no matter what, I see with fame cums with a lot of hate even made up lies," the rapper wrote (

"Being young and famous comes with a lot of trails and tribulations, all my people that look up to me stay positive no matter wat. The love in my heart has kept me sane in this very negative world we live in, the world is what you percive it to be, I love it".


(10) Tracks From "Consequence
"Movies On Demand 3" Mix Tape

"Career Killer" (Pusha T Diss) 
 "Mr. Rapfix" (Hot Water) 
 "Crying Broke
"My Foot on Their Throat
"Comic Book Flow
"Life is For
"I've Been About
 "The Kumate
"On My Own"  Ft. "KiD CuDi

"The Plagurist Society" (Pusha T Diss)


Consequence - Career Killer (Pusha T Diss) 

Consequence " Mr. Rapfix (Hot Water) 

Consequence " Crying Broke " 

Consequence " My Foot on Their Throat " 

Consequence " Comic Book Flow " 

Consequence " Life is For " Lyrics 

Consequence " I've Been About " 

Consequence - The Kumate 

Consequence Ft. KiD CuDi - On My Own

Consequence Ft. Pusha T. Diss - 
The Plagurist Society -


"Too $hort"
"Where You At"  (Messy Marv Diss)

YEAAAAAAAAH, this is my dude. Telling anyone who knows me, knows "Too Short" is the reason I wanted to be a rapper, and is my all time favorite rapper. I'm glad he responded back to "Messy Marv's" diss track, and he did not come whack.

 Man, I just hate "Bay Beef", That's why we stay behind, cuz we still stuck back in time. Can't we all just get along? I just hope they keep it on tracks and fight with raps, they're both too old to be fighting on-site; but they way they're both talking, it's on and crack'n, for who ever gets caught slack'n.

"Messy Marv"
"Class of 84 (Fuck Too Short)" 


"Frisco" LEGEND "JT The Bigga Figga"
 "Take 1" (Messy Marv Diss)" 

Check Out "Game Recognize Game" (Official Video)

Okay, this is ressurect from "The Bay" day, "Mac Mall" "Richie Rich" and "JT?. So, looks like "JT The Bigga Figga" my otha n*gga, has arose from the cuts, and sounds like he's ready to kick butt. Guess he's tired of "Messy Marv" talk'n crap so he had to take to the mic to drop a diss rap. Eh, he said he's gonna put hands and feet on em. (lol)

I'mma just tell ya, what I heard, and might be some of the reasons why they're beef'n. I just wish the sound quality was better, cuz it would of made it that much wetter.






Jt The Bigga Figga 
"Game Recognize Game" 

(Official Video)


"Lil Kim" Comes Raw & Uncut On "Nicki Minaj's" Butt
Who Da F*ck Want War?
Fed Ex Me Right To Your Front Door
"Black Friday"

YIIIIIIIIIKES! "Lil Kim" got it on it. Eh, bar for bar she was kill'n "Nicki Minaj" by far. You already knew it was as soon as the beat dropped, that "Black Friday" was gonna be hot. On the same day "Nicki Minaj's" album "Pink Friday" hit stores "Lil Kim" opened up the the door for war. Other casualties in this war were "Lil Wayne", "Drake", "Diddy" and "Young Money". Man, "Lil Kim" is back and she aint coming whack! She coming hard core, like she's poor, and hungry for blood. I don't think there is nothing that "Nicki Minaj" could spit, cuz "Black Friday" is da sh*t"! You just rumbled with the "B", huh threw a hex on the whole "Young Money" family, huh? Beef'n or big cheef'n, we'll see who's leak'n and retreat'n.