"Destiny's Child" Is Back With A New Track

Hi, My name is "Tease Right" and I am a "Beyonce" hater, but I am a "Destiny's Child" appreciator, but I hated this song. The title didn't match the lyrics, the lyrics didn't match the beat, and it did not make me want to move my feet.<<Dissaponted, but patiently waiting, and mildly hating.


 [Official Video] 

Could just be me, cuz I am the President of the "I Hate Beyonce" fan club, but this video is garbage! I thought the song was bad, but usually the video makes it better, but it didn't, it just made it worse

MMMM, mmmmm, mmmm. Maybe "Beyonce" has reached the end of her creative bubble and now she's fit'n to find herself in some lack of record sells trouble. Doubt it, she's like "Michal" & "Janet Jackson", their always gonna get action.


"Beyonce" Ft. "Andre 3000

"Beyonce" bring "Andre 3000" out to play for their collaberation "Party", which is off her upcoming album "4". "Party" was produced by "Kanye West" & "Consequence". If the background sounds familiar that's because they sampled from "Slick Rick's" & "Dougie Fresh's" classic "La Di Da Di".


"Run The World" (Girls
(Official Video)

Can't stand this song. It's got one cool @ss line, though. "I think I need a barber, cuz these N*ggas can't fade me."<Love it. Eh, "Beyonce" got supa gigs and the video almost made me like the song, but I just can't. She goes hard in this video and dance wise, I don't think no one else can get with her, but I aint feeling the song "Run The World".


 "Girls" (Who Run The World) 
I Think I Need A Barber, 
None Of These N*gga's Can Fade Me

Um, I'm tired of hiding it and denying it, so I'm just gonna be honest, My name is "Tease Right" & I'm a "Beyonce-hater". Ok, now that I got that off my chest, I can lay it to rest. I'm just not entertained by "Beyonce" and I know, when her new album comes out, people are gonna buy it and she's gonna go probably triple platinum, but I think her fans are going to be disappointed. I'm not even a fan and I am.


"See Me Now, "All In The Lights", "Hell Of A Life"
& "Dark Fantasy",
Off His Album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

Damn, ya'll, I just woke up from a nightmare and "Kanye", "Beyonce" & "Big Sean" was there and they were playing this song that sounded like crap and then I woke up, and like the group "Guy" my dreams are now reality, cuz "See Me Now" is a piece of crap, and that's all I got to say about that!

"Kanye West", "Beyonce" & "Big Sean
"See Me Now"

"Hell Of A Life"

Kanye West, Drake, Rihanna 
"All Of The Lights" 

Kanye West 
"Dark Fantasy" 


"Kanye West" feat. "Beyonce" & "Charlie Wilson
"See Me Now"



Why Don't You Love Me, 
When I Make Me So Damn Easy To Love

"Why Don't You Love Me", should be my theme song. If I could ever find the answer to this question then I guess I wont be single, but anyhoo boo. Can't hate on "Beyonce" cuz she's supa-dupa bad, but I just hate when she put all that make up on. I did like how the video was set like in the late 60's early 70's but I just didn't really feel "Why Don't You Love" as a video or song. I like what she's wear'n and I like what she's talk'n bout, but I just don't like the presentation of "Why Don't You Love Me". Maybe that's why I'm single cuz I always got something to say, but hey............


Lights Her Flame With Fame
& Makes "Heat" The Perfume You Can't Beat

Ya'll already know I wake 2 hate, but damn it's getting harder and harder to hate on "Beyonce" cuz everything she do never fails. With her perfume "Heat" exclusively sold at "Macys" according to "Style Watch" they have reported that her official numbers for her first month out is $3 Million, and 72,000 bottles were sold in only 72 hours! So, if ya'll can find me an in where "Beyonce" don't win, clue me in.


Check Out "Beyonce" & "Alicia Keys"
Performing Live At Madison Square Garden

"Alicia Keys" and "Beyonce" had the crowd drooling as they performed "Put It In A Love Song" in New York at "Madison Square Garden" where "Alicia Keys" surprised the audience with "Jay Z" joining her on stage and performing "Empire State Of Mind".