"Bobby V.
"3 AM"
(Official Video)


"Bobby V." Ft. "Beenie Man"
"So Bad

Aiiiight, so I'm like 3 weeks late with this, but betta late than neva. I don't know, I got juiced when I seen the title, but "Bobby V" just didn't do it for me. Now, you know "Beenie Man" aint never gonna come whack, and if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't of liked this track. "So Bad", aint that bad, but it's not as good as it should, but "Bobby V" always keeps it hood.


"Oakland" Rapper "Philthy Rich" ft. "Bobby V
"King Size


"Bobby V" Feat. "CyHi Da Prynce
(Official Video) 

Eh, if "Bobby V" wasn't so little, I might would let him wear me. I might be a small or a medium, but he's like a 5T in boys. (lol) I do like "Outfit" even though it don't fit me. 


"Bobby V" Feat. "Milla
"Set It Off


"Bobby V" Feat. "Twista
"Grab Somebody

Umm,YEAH! Love'n this new "Bobby V". He's been underrated and not getting his just do's, but I think this year is his year. So far everything I've heard off of "Fly On The Wall", I'm love'n.


"Bobby V"
"Rock Wit Cha


"Bobby V" ft "Magazeen"
 "What's Your Name"
Spotlight's On You Girl, Dj's Play'n Our Song 
We Gone Dance All Night Long

 (Rihanna ft Drake "What's My Name" Remake) 
Twitter: maga2dazeen

This is like the perfect song to describe me in the club. All it takes is for me to see one 6ft4 and above, chocolate, skinny dude, with pretty teeth, nice shoes & fit, and I'm spurng-dumb. Like "What's Your Name" the he spotlight is on him and there's nobody else in this club that I want in my ear, or get'n my boogie on with on the dance floor. For me dat's the best part, you find a dance partner who moves good with you and he's your flavor. Aint nothing better than that neighbor.

I don't know. The more I listen to "What's Your Name" the more I'm love'n it! Can't go whack with "Magazeen" on the track. "Magazeen" is so fly he's my "Rhasta Man" version. I like em all the same: tall, skinny, chocolate with nice teeth, but they come in dreads, bald fade, with our without the beard. (lol) Ya know? (lol)

Rihanna - What's My Name? ft. Drake 

(Official Video)


"Kafani" Features "Bobby V" & "OjDaJuiceman"
At The Party Throw'n Money In The Air
"I Do That

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Facebook: Kafani da Iceking


"Bobby V" & "50 Cent
Get Sexy With Their Flow
"Alter Ego