"Bow Wow" Ft. "T-Pain
 [Official Video] 


"Bow Wow
"Drank In My Cup" Freestyle 
(Explicit Music Video) 

Ummm, wow! Lil boy, lil boy. I mean, I can't hate, but its hard to relate.  It just makes me uncomfortable like listening to my 17 year old son, Jowahn, talk about sex<<<UGGGGGG!!!! I watched "Bow Wow" grow up from "Lil Bow Wow" into "Bow Wow".

But I've always felt sorry for him, because he received such major success as a young boy, that how do you top that as an adult? People want to type cast you and keep your skillz in the past, so your money and fans don't last. No one wants to see you grow up and do you, they just want to see you fail. I'm glad he got picked up by "Young Money", but I just hope he finds his voice and his sound and not try to emulate "Drake" or "Big Sean". 

What I didn't know until my niece, Atara, told me that with all the money and fame that "Bow Wow" tried to take himself out the game.

In July of 2011, "Bow Wow" who announced he was the father to his daughter named, Shai, on an open letter via his website. In the letter "Bow Wow" kept it amazingly real and revealed that he had thoughts of suicide and was afraid of what his fans may think of him having a child

With his secret thoughts out in public, "Bow Wow" sat down with Russell Simmons and opened up about his suicidal thoughts.

“The suicide thoughts just really came because I think earlier I was exposed to so much Uncle Russ to the point to where I kinda felt like it ruined my adulthood. When I was younger I wish I listened to everybody that was older telling me “don’t do that just yet you should wait” or “don’t go to the club yet you should really wait until your 21 or you got nothing to look forward to.” So that’s what happened, for me being around Jermaine and everybody so young I was around EVERYTHING. So by the time I got 18, I was really 26 (laughs) and I didn’t wanna go to the club no more. When I got 20, I was like “Ok now I’m ready to get married.” Now I feel like I’m 40! So the older I got, I just noticed [I was different than] my friends…I was like “I can’t really hang with y’all” because they’d go to the club and I’ve done all that when I was 14. So it made me realize like “what am I here for? What am I living to do?

I just got so stressed out because I felt like I did everything too fast and it didn’t leave me with nothing to look forward to. Now that I have my daughter I don’t even have those thoughts no more. Because now it’s like I got something to live for, I got more movies to go get, more records to go make because I gotta go hard for her now. So now I do have a purpose. So it took for me to have a dark period and pray to God that it’s all gone and now it’s a whole other ballgame. I’m just focused and it’s just me coming out being clean about my situation. It’s just a whole new outlook on life! It’s dope!"

And for those who don't know, check the preview bellow.

"Bow Wow"
 "Drank In My Cup" Freestyle 
(Explicit Music Video) 



"Bow Wow" Feat "Soulja Boy"
"Get Money" (Music Video) 


"Chris Brown" featuring "Bow Wow"
Is Saying It' like It's True
"Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout You
(Official Music Video) 


"Bow Wow" & "Chris Brown"
"Aint Thinkin Bout You

(New Version)


"Bow Wow"  Ft. "Chris Brown"
 "Aint Thinkin Bout You" 
(Behind The Video Scene)


"Birdman" "Loyalty" (Rmx) 
feat "Brisco", "Mack Maine", "Bow Wow", "Lil Twist"
& "Cory Gunz"


Birdman, Lil Wayne & Tyga 
(Original Official Video)


"Bow Wow" Features "Sean Kingston"
"Put That On My Hood"



"Lil Twist" & "Bow Wow"
"Little Secret"
What Your Man Wont Hurt Him
Tell Em Mama, Your My Little Secret, 
That's How We Gone Keep It
Can Never Let Em Know, Never Let Em Know 
About Us, About Us

I've been waiting to see what "Lil Wayne" was gonna do with "Lil Twist". I know his voice is hella young and still maturing but I think it's bad to start him out on auto tune. This song is waaaaaaaay too young, but I'm sure "Lil Twist" will have the tween-agers sprung. The borrowed the hook from 

"Xcape" (Video) "My Little Secret"


"Roscoe Dash" & "Bow Wow"
"Forever My Lady"

You Can Be My Number One,  My Main Squeeze, 
You Can Be My Baby 
Hey, You My Girl All Day, Let Hate Shorty

"Roscoe Dash" & "Bow Wow" drop something for the ladies "Forever My Lady". And before ya'll get half way interested like I did think'n it was fitt'n to be some "Jodeci" "Forever My Lady" spin off, calm down 4real, is not that kinds of deal. It's cool. This song is more for the teenagers and young adults. I like "Rosco Dash" on "All The Way Turnt Up" and it's good to see him get'n put on tracks.


Oooh, Hey Lil Mama How You Doing 
Heard That You Look'n For A Man 
Should Be The One Your Pursuing 
Girl You're Roll'n With A Big Dog
Aint No Pretending You Should Take A Load Off 
Fit Me Into your Agenda &
By The Way You Look I Know You Like That Shawty
From The Look Of Things 
You Don't Get Out Much Shawty
This Is Something She Aint  Had 
Hit The Mall We Pop'n Tags
Bought So Much Sh*t out The Mall That It's 
Bust'n Through The Bags

OK, I'mma be honest. I got a weakness for lil boyz. Not in a pedophile type way, but you the know the way you like kittens and puppies different than you love dogs and cats, like that? lil boyz now a days when they see something they want are very persistent in getting it and are willing to do thangs they don't know about but act like they do. As a woman you have no idea how many times I've heard the "age aint nothing but a numba line" but it is. It's tempting to see if and old dog can teach a puppy new tricks, but them fools aint house broken, the piss on the carpet and all they want to do is lay in your lap and take a nap. Anyone over 30 knows anyone under 20 aint how it goes, but I appreciate the attempt, though. I'll be honest. I've fallen for the banana in the tail pipe (Beverly Hills Cop) a time or two in my life, but what starts out exciting and cool ends up with stalk'n and drool. 

(if I'm old enough to be your mama, that's too much drama).