"Richmond's" Favorite Son "Dev Tha Chaser"
 (Freestyle Video) 
"Where Da Party At" 
live performance @ karibean city

Twitter: @Devthachaser
Twitter: @Therealscoob
Twitter: @Mr_GFZ

Yeah, son! "Closer" is the one. Love it. Man, if you can go over "Goapele's" classic "Closer" you're a BEAST. I like "Dev Tha Paper Chaser" because listen to his versatility. He rode a beat to "Closer" and then turned around and did a straight party beat for "Where Da Party At". "Da Bay" is full of talent but "Dev Tha Chaser" has his own style, his own sound and beats that pound. Straight out of "Richmond, Ca" off da block, "Dev Tha Chser" is serv'n nothing but knocks!

Dev Tha Chaser 
"Where Da Party At" 
 live performance @ karibean city

(Official Video) 


"Richmond" Rapper "Dev Tha Chaser"
"All My Life" (Freestyle) Ft. Peanut (Video)
"Aint Tryna Hear That Sh*t" (VIdeo)
"Be Ya Self" (Video)
"Stunt Hard" (Video)
"My World" (Video)
"Nothin Else Left" (Video)


Dev Tha chaser 
"Aint Tryna Hear That Sh*t" 

Peanut feat Dev Tha Chaser 
"All My Life Freestyle"

Dev Tha Chaser 
 "Stunt Hard"

Dev Tha Chaser 
"Be Ya Self" 

"Nothin Else Left"

Dev The Chaser " My World"


"Richmond's" Own "Dev Tha Chaser
I Ride Around With My Eyes Low,
 I'm Unusual, Like Acts At A Side Show
"Aint Tryna Hear That Sh*t
(Official Video)

Twitter: @devthachaser

Ya'll don't even know I've been waiting like a puppy on the door step, for "Dev Tha Chaser", to open the door and throw this puppy a bone. I LOVE "Aint Tryna Hear That Sh*t". "Dev Tha Chaser" must of took an extra shot of fly, cuz he couldn't come weak if he tried. "Dev Tha Chaser" stays with "Greedy Intentions", cuz he stay punk'n dudes with his flows, and leave em flinch'n. "They Love To Hate Me, But That's All Right, I Can Do This Sh*t All Night". 


"Richmond" Rapper "Peanut"
Features "Philthy Rich" (Oakland) 
& "Dev Tha Chaser" (Richmond)
"Bout My Cash"

Ya'll already know what it is and what it aint, and these dudes skirt hard in the paint. "Peanut" step'n on the scene crispy and clean with two of "The Bay's" heavy hitters and top contenders."Philthy Rich" & "Dev Tha Chaser" are doing what they got to do to get this paper and got "Peanut", their patna in crime in on dis caper. 

http://twitter.com/PEANUTMGM   (Dev Tha Chaser)
http://twitter.com/devthachaser   (Philthy Rich)


"Young Win", "Dev The Chaser" & "Shadgee"
Go From The Shoebox To The 
"Money Machine" (Video)

"Young Win", "Dev The Chaser" & "Shad Gee" are "Money Machine's" get'n that dough while they flee'n da scene. Eh, this how we get down dis way, on both sides of da Bay. "Money Machine" is as real as you see. "Young Win", "Dev The Chaser" & "Shad Gee" aint fake'n for the screen, what you see is what it be.


"Bay Area" Rapper "Dev The Paper Chaser"
From Richmond, CA Drops A Video For
"Nothin Else Left"

Be on the look out, cuz "Dev The Paper Chaser" is on a cook out. He spits as fast as the life he lives. He's a go getter, who gets it on da go. If this is the first you've heard of him, I guarantee it wont be the last. Eh, "Dev Tha Chaser" is hot and with or without a mic he rocks da spot. This dude is one of the funniest and off da hook rappers I've met, but you will never forget he's serious about the game and his claim to fame. He needs to have a reality show cuz he's f*ck'n hilarious. "Dev The Paper Chaser" is affiliated with the "Hard Hittaz" & "Young Win" but rides solo bolo. Check out his mix tape "Greedy Intentions 2" click the link for free download. Hit em up on Twitter @DevThaChaser.