"We Made It" (Freestyle) Ft. "Soulja Boy"

"Drake" Ft. "Soulja Boy
"We Made It" (Freestyle)


"The Game" Ft "YG" & "Drake"
"Who Do You Love" (Remix)



This past week Drake debuted the Hit-Boy produced record "Trophies" which didn't make his album Nothing Was The Same while he was at the Barclays Center in New York. The track has been a topic of discussion ever since Drizzy teased fans about it back in September. Earlier than that, we've now realized the record was used in Drake's trailer for NWTS. All this to say that fans are excited to hear the collaboration, which Drake finally spoke on with Revolt TV.

Although "Trohpies" didn't actually make the final cut, Drake says, "I wouldn't even call it a left-over. It was definitely on the album. I know Hit-Boy's gunna see this and be like 'pffft,' it was definitely on the album."

Drake explained what went wrong with the track, "I'm not a 'just throw it together' kinda guy. And I had two different hooks on there, I didn't like either of them. I started sending it around and as great of a job as other people did, it didn't sound right if I wasn't on the hook. I always wanna do my own hooks for the sake of my performances. I don't like being off a hook, 'cause then I can't really give you a moment if someone else is doing the hook."

He went on to confirm that he will be dropping it soon, and he also revealed he has other unheard material in the cut, which we will also hopefully get to hear in the near future.

"I'ma drop 'Trophies' though. I'ma finish it up and drop 'Trophies.' We got some stuff we did for the Aaliyah album, that's crazy. I got a record with YG, that's crazy. The Wu-Tang Forever remix is sitting there just waiting..." Drake trailed off.



Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Future - "No New Friends"
"Drake" Ft "James Fauntleroy" - "Girls Love Beyonce"
"Snoop Lion" Ft "Drake" & "Cori B." - "No Guns Allowed" (Video)

"Nicki Minaj" Ft. "Lil Wayne" - "High School" (Video)
"P.A.P.I." (N.O.R.E.) Ft "Lil Wayne" - "She Tried


DJ Khaled 
Ft Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Future "No New Friends"

"Drake" Ft "James Fauntleroy"
"Girls Love Beyonce

Ummmm, I love this right now. I think he should of just had a different title. Maybe "Say My Name", but I love it and I feel it.

I really think "Drake", is trying to get to "Roc Nation", cuz it seems lately he's always mentioning "Jay Z" and now he names a song after "Beyonce". 

"Snoop Lion" Ft. "Drake" & "Cori B.
"No Guns Allowed
(Official Video)

"Nicki Minaj" Ft. "Lil Wayne"
"High School"
 (Official Video)



"P.A.P.I." (N.O.R.E.) Ft "Lil Wayne"
"She Tried




"Kendrick Lamar" Ft "Drake
"Poetic Justice" (Official Video)

"Drake" - "5 AM In Toronto"

"Kendrick Lamar" Ft "Drake
"Poetic Justice"
(Official Explicit Video)

"5 AM In Toronto"


"Lil Wayne" Ft. "Future" & "Drake" - "Love Me" (Official Video)
"Stafford Brothers" Ft "Lil Wayne" & "Christina Milian" - "Hello"
"Drake" - "Started From The Bottom" DJ Dubstep (Feature Cuts Rmx)

"Lil Wayne" Ft. "Future" & "Drake"
 "Love Me"
(Official Video)

"Started From The Bottom"
DJ Dubstep (Feature Cuts Remix)

"Stafford Brothers"
Ft "Lil Wayne" & "Christina Milian"

Twitter: @plthr @RealJessJohnson

 Formerly one half    of Hujje, Pleather is set to carve his own niche in the EDM    world with a unique sound that draws many influences from    the 80s and combines them with a modern twist.  The first release from Pleather is an official remix of Stafford Brothers' newest single "Hello" featuring Lil Wayne & Christina Milian.

Pleather's remix of Hello stands in stark contrast to the original version of the track. With an emotional chord progression it feels more like an 80s love ballad than a club anthem. The minimal breakdowns highlight the vocals of Christina Milian and Lil Wayne, while the vintage percussion hits and arpeggiated bassline further contribute to a sound that will take you back in time.


"Started From The Bottom"
Wiz Khalifa Ft. Drake - "Started From The Bottom" (Rmx)

"Started From The Bottom"

"Wiz Khalifa" Ft. "Drake"
"Started From The Bottom" (Remix)


"Lil Wayne"
"Good Kush & Alcohol" (B*tches Love Me) Ft "Future" & "Drake"

"Rich As F*%k" Ft "2 Chainz"

"Lil Wayne" Ft "Future" & "Drake"
"Good Kush & Alcohol" (B*tches Love Me)

"Lil Wayne" Ft. "2 Chainz"
"Rich As F*%k"


"Kendrick Lamar" Ft "Drake"-"Poetic Justice"
"A$AP Rocky"

 Ft "Drake", "2 Chainz" & "Kendrik Lamar"
"F*ckin Problem"

"Kendrick Lamar" Ft. "Drake
"Poetic Justice"

"A$AP Rocky
Ft "Drake", "2 Chainz" & "Kendrik Lamar"
"F*ckin Problem"


Old Skool Chicks, Still Make'n Hits

"Aaliyah"  Ft. "Drake" - "Enough Said
"Brandy" Ft. "Chris Brown" - "Put It Down" (Video)

MAAAANNNNN!!!! Who authorized this? I've been waiting for these rap dudes to jump on "Aaliyah's", hype, I'm surprised it wasn't done way before now, but this is some BULL!!!!

Man, "Aaliyah", sounded GREAT, BEAUTIFUl & ANGELIC, but "Drake", came over this track HELLA WHACK!

She's talking about baby talk to me and he's talking about dudes and other chicks rather their hate'n or what ever, instead of being sweet to "Aaliyah". I didn't get it. 

Now, I'm not riding on the "slow bus", I get he's spill'n his guts about industry woes and saying what's on his mind, but this is "Aaliyah", not some ratchet hood chick, and from her hook it sounds like a relationship track, not a n*gga's is hate'n on me track.<<SMH

"Brandy" Ft. "Chris Brown"
"Put It Down
(Official Video)

"Girl I Know You Fancy, But This Party I'm Financing"

Ummm, if this aint the theme song to my life. I need to go ahead and put this in with my disclaimer on the waiver right next to my "no stalking" clause. (lol)

I'm actually feel'n this right here. "Imma put it down, you gone fall in love". 

>>Sheeee's Back!!! "Brandy", still sounds like herself, which I give her much respect for. She even tried to get her flow on, a lil bit. She held her own, really didn't need "Chris Brown", but he put it down, like he was supposed to. And him with no shirt, makes me want to lift my skirt. <<Lil Boy, Lil Boy.....