"Eminem" Ft. "Rihanna"
"The Monster"


"Nobody's Business" Ft "Chris Brown
 "No Love Allowed
"Diamonds" (Remix) Ft "Kanye West"
"Numb" Ft "Eminem

HAAAAAATTTTTEEEED IT!!! Two snaps in a circle, give it a big thumbs down, like Urkel. Man, ya'll know I'm a sucka for love, and "Nobody's Business", did not make me feel like getting some numb.

Really, I thought "Chris Brown" would bring "Rihanna" back from this techno crap, but I see he's gone, too

See kids, what love will do to you. Love will make you do right, but in this case it made them do wrong with this song.

As for me, myslef and Imean, I'm glad they're back together on the scene. They were always one of the cutest couples in the industry and I hate how their story went down, but now they have a chance to make history and re-write the love story of their life any way they like. ------>>>>I Wish Them Well...

"Rihanna" Ft "Chris Brown"
"Nobody's Business

"No Love Allowed

"Rihanna" Ft "Kanye West"
 "Diamonds" (Remix) 

"Rihanna" Ft "Eminem


"Eminem"  feat "50 Cent
"Ain't Going Nowhere

They Call'n Me Cocky, 
I Come Up Out The Jeweler, They Call'n Me Rockky

Record sales have way of telling tellings tales. I know that "Emiem" has larger than life record sales, and that's because he's a white dude rap'n, and so all nationalities live through his rhymes. True, I liked "Eminem" when he first came out, so I know what they "Great White Hype" is about, cuz I was on it, but at the same time, I in no way shape or form believe that he is the greatest, or even close to being one of the greatest rappers in history

Now, he's a great entertainer and definitely at the top of his game, but as we all know there are GREAT artist who get slept on and crept on in the industry. If I had to drop greats according to lyrical content, creativity and flow and would not be on the list, though.


"Space Bound 
(Official Video)


"Eminem" & "Royce Da 5'9" ft."Slaughterhouse
"Loud Noises

Off "Bad Meets Evil"  


"Eminem"  & "Royce Da 5'9" feat. "Bruno Mars
Off "Bad Meets Evil" (Mix Tape)
"Eminem" "The Ladies" (Nut Up) (Snippet)


Eminem - The Ladies (Nut Up) (Snippet)


"Eminem" ft. "Drake" & "Tyga
"No Return


"Fight The System"


"Eminem" Feat. "Slaughterhouse" & "Yelawolf
"2.0 Boys

"Eminem" shows what his "Shady Records" roster is made of on "2.0 Boys" featuring his latest signees "Slaughterhouse" and "Yelawolf".


8 Tracks From "Eminem's
Mix Tape "Straight From The Vault: 1"
GOAT, Wee Wee, Going Crazy & It's Been Real
The Apple,  Emulate,
 The People's Champ & "Get Money"


Not till now, did I maybe see what people see in "Eminem". I'll admit it, my name is "Tease-Right" and I'm an "Eminem" hater. So, I think what happens to me is that my attention span is short, when I aint feel'n what I'm hear'n, so I turn him off without getting to the end of the song. 

So, I did get to the end of "The Apple", where he's talk'n about how he got some crazy people in his family, and he's not to be overlooked, cuz "The Apple" don't fall far from the tree.

"Ballin Uncontrollably", I kinda liked. Had me dance'n in my seat.

AND, I'M BACK!. Ya'll got to give a sister some credit. I tried, I really did, but I just can't do "Eminem, but I do have a deeper understanding of what ya'll "Stans" see. He's a story teller fo sho, but just aint feel'n, the hand he's deal'n.

"The People's Champ"

"Get Money"

"G O A T"
(Greatest Of All Time) 

"The Apple"


"Wee Wee"

"Going Crazy" (Ft. D12)

"Its Been Real"