"J. Cole
"Drank In My Cup"  


"Grand Hussle" Artist "Trae Tha Thruth"
Ft. "TI"
"Let It Go"

"I'm So Ice Cold, Nicknamed North Pole"

"Trae Tha Truth" and "T.I." go in over "Red Cafe’s" instrumental “Let It Go”. 

Man, "TI" done stepped on a landmind, cuz "Trae Tha Truth" raps off his behind.<<<He's the truth and he's spit proof.


"YUNG X" (Of "The Dudez Of The Century")
(Tyga, "Rack City" Remake)

Twitter: @yungxhoe

Eh, I'mma be honest. When I'm post'n, I aint got time to watch 30 videos from beginning to end. I very rarely watch a whole video, but this one got me. "Guap City" is real "sh*tty". 

This proves, you don't have to have a big budget, hella scene and wardrobe change, to be entertained. "Yung X", from "The Dudez Of The Century" did his thang!


"Veteran" Of Rap "Redman"
"I Just Don't Give A F*ck" (Freestyle)


"Welcome To The Jungle"

"B.o.B" drops a new freestyle over Kanye and Jay-Z's " track  “Welcome To The Jungle” from their album "Watch The Throne".


 "Imma Boss" (Freestyle) 
"Cassie" ft. "Fabolous


 "Imma Boss" (Freestyle)

Cassie ft. Fabolous 


"Bay" Dude "Cousin Fik"
 "Soulflo" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @Cousinfik


"Lloyd Banks" & "Tony Yayo"
"Trouble On My Mind


"Young Jeezy" & "Freddie Gibbs
"Cosmic Kev" (Freestyle) 


"Oakland" Rapper "Mistah FAB
 "Headlines" (Freestyle) 

Twitter: @MistahFAB

"Mistah Fab" goes in over "Drake's" hit "Headlines" with his own freestyle. Eh, this song put a smile on my face early in the morning. "Mistah Fab" that he's the most hated and underrated and I believe dat.

 Part of it is "Bay Hate" cuz "California" is the state they love to hate, and the other part is people fear what they can't be. If people could be and do you, why would they hate and fear you? They wouldn't.