"J Holiday
You Say You Gone Back It Up, 
I Say You Should Back It Up

Man,this is a sexy @ss song and I didn't expect it to be. I like "J Holiday", I like him a lot, but he just seems to lack that sex appeal that he needs to get him out there like "Trey Songz" or "Chris Brown", "Ditto" made my stomach get butterflies and I was just feel'n da whole vibe.


"J. Holiday" Features "Notorious BIG"
"I Got Myself A Gun"

Damn, you don't know when you miss a rapper till you hear em spit'n from da grave. "J. Holiday" did his thang on "I Got Myself A Gun" but the two don't go with the one. But I like "J Holiday" and he sounds good, just think it was a mismatch and I wanted to hear "Biggie" on this track than I wanted to hear "J. Holiday". I kept waiting and anticpating for "Biggie" to come back on. They rocked it!.


Man, Oh My Goodness-Oh My Goodness
"J. Holiday"
 Made Me Do A Retake When He Did A Remake 
Of "Kanye's" Song "Love Lockdown"
I loved It, Dug It, & Already Pushed & Shoved It

I'mma be honest, I like "J. Holiday" and his voice sure don't match his face, but something about the way he sung "Kanye's" song "Love Lockdown" put him on a whole nuva leva. I never knew what "Kanye" was talk'n about until I listened to "J. Holiday's" version. 

"J Holiday" performed his song "It Is Yours" with a female fan on stage, and she did her thang like she was gett'n paid. Don't think him or his body guards knew what to do, but cary her off.