"Jamie Foxx"

Man, "Jamie Foxx" came with that "Al Green"-"Ron Isley" begging for your love'n sound. I'm mixed with "Fool". I like what he's talking about but I'm not sure if I'm feeling it, but I really want to. It's different and totally unexpected. I'm sure the more I hear it, the more I'll like it.


"Jamie Foxx
"Touch Me"

All I got to say is loved it, kissed it, hugged it, and I think I'm pregnant. (lol) Man, this a sweaty love making track that will keep you on your back

I usually don't like my men hitting high notes, unless your "Prince", or "Michael Jackson", but "Jamie Foxx", hit "Touch Me" out the box.


"Jamie Foxx" ft. "Wiz Khalifa"
Ooh, Baby I Love The Smell Of Your Perfume, 
If We Were Kid's We'd Be Break'n Curfew 
"Best Night Of My Life"

I wanted more, but got less. "Jamie Foxx" can really sing so I don't know why he's stuck on this autotune theme, cuz for me it's not a good scene. The song had the potential to be supa sexy but it was just supa dry, but hey I tried. "Wiz" as always hit the track run'n, but he wasn't gun'n.


"Jamie Foxx"  Feat. "Drake"
"Fall For Your Type
(Official Video) 


"Jamie Foxx" feat. "T.I."
 "Yep Thats Me

The best part of the song is the hook, and even that sounds recycled and regurgitated like a mama bird to it's baby. "Jamie Foxx" got way too much class to be take'n out this trash and "T.I." ya'll know for him I used to ride or die, but now think I might just stay home an talk on the phone. Imma be honest "Yep That's Me" was not hot, but I bet you it will get people bounce'n in da spot.


"Jamie Foxx"
"Could Be A Million Things"

That Makes Me Fall In Love With You
Could Be A Million Things
You Know You Make My Dreams Come True
Could Be A Million Things
That Keeps Me Coming Home At Night 
Could Be A Million Things
That Makes Me Fall In Love

"Jamie Foxx" drops his second single off his upcoming album "Body". I just love "Jamie Foxx" and the piano on "Could Be A Million Things" makes me stomach drop and tie up on knots. I just think of being held in some long, chocolate arms get'n my slow dance on. LOVE IT!


"Jamie Foxx" & "The Dream"
She Grind'n On Me-Grind'n On Me-Grind'n On Me
She Grind'n On Me Grind'n On Me Grind'n On Me
U Got Me All Up On Your Body
Want To Hop Up On Your Body
Want To Ride Up On Your Body
I'm Try'n To Slide Up on Your Body
I'm Try'n To Get Up On Your Body
Girl I Want, Your Body
You Know I Need It, Your Body
Can't Wait To see It, Your Body
Nobody Is Like, Your Body
Her body Aint Like, Your Body
Tonight I'mma Do, Your Body
I'm In Love With You, & Ur Body
"Your Body"

For some reason I like "Your Body". It's sexy and the way "Jamie Foxx" was sing'n to me he made me want to take off my clothes and when I did I put em back on cux nobody was there to see me. (That's okay. I'm all right. One day) Even "The Dream" didn't get on my nerves.


"Jamie Foxx", "Justin Timberlake" & "TI"
Have Never Got Cut, But Make Em Cut The Check

It could just be me, cuz ya'll know how I be this track is not a "Winner" to me. Aint feeling "Justin Timberlake" at all, "Jamie's" cool but I expected more, besides singing about how you aint poor. "TI" don't run to money money runs to him, but as much as I love my boo, his bars on this track, just did not do.

(In my best In Living Color "Men On Films" voice. "HATED IT" with 2 snaps and a circle)


"Jamie Foxx"
Just Has One Wish To Be With You On A
"Night Like This"

Baby What You Do'n 
Got Me Wish'n That Was Me.
The Way You Roll It, How you Throw It,
Girl You're Work'n Like a G.
It Aitn Even The Packages,
 That's Just Hug'n On Your Curves,
It's The Way That You Carry Yourself, 
That Makes You Sexy Girl. 
It's Your Purse On Your Shoulder,
 Your Heels On Your Feet, 
You Don't Work It Too Much, 
But It's Just Enough For Me. 
The Man You Rock'n With Look'n Like He Love It.
Brotha, That Was Me, 
We Would Not Be Here.
The End Of Things On A Night Like This, 
The End Of Things On A Night Like This. 
Ur Look'n Far Too Sexy 2 Be With Another Man, 
Then Be With Me.

Not too sure about "Jamie's" new song "Night Like This". It's cool, but it didn't give me butterflies in my stomach, but I cold feel what he's talk'n bout cuz that's how I feel about "Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson". He too fine not to be mine.


"Stacey Dash" Gets A Reality Show, 
& Goes To The Grammy's With "Jamie Foxx"
But Wont Tell "Wedny Williams"
If He's Knock'n Dem Sox

WW:Let’s talk about this Jamie Foxx date. First of all, Stacey, are you guys a couple?
SD: We’re friends, we like each other and you know…we’re friends…

WW: So now Jamie picked you up in a car service?
SD: Yes, he sent a car for me and then I picked him up, but he wasn’t ready.

WW: Oh ok! So then you had to go upstairs…inside?
SD: Yes and his family was there, it was all very, very wholesome. It was like a real first…da[te].

WW: A real first date?
SD: Did I say that??? [laughs]

WW: Yes, you did!!!