"Lupe Fiasco","Common","Jennifer Hudson" & "No I.D"
"We Can Do It Now"
(Official Video) 


"Lupe Fiasco" feat. "Common" & "Jennifer Hudson"
Rep'n Chi-Town 
"We Can Do It Now


Lupe Fiasco feat. Common & Jennifer Hudson 
"We Can Do It Now"
(Behind The Scenes)


"Ludacris' & "Jazmine Sullivan"
"Hear My Cry" (remix)
Off His Mix Tape 
"Atlanta Ambassador"

01. How Low (Remix) feat. Rick Ross, Twista, The-Dream, Ciara & Pitbull
02. How Low (Original)
03. All I Do Is Win feat. T-Pain
04. My Chick Is Bad feat. Nicki Minaj
05. Cross My Mind feat. Damien Marley & Kevin Cossom
06. Hear My Cry feat. Jasmine Sullivan
07. Coochie feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard
08. I Wanna Rock
09. Turnt Up
10. Side Of Town (O Let's Do It)
11. Wasted
12. A-Town feat. Shawty Lo, Gucci Mane & The-Dream
13. Patna Dem feat. Lil' Scrappy
14. Addicted To Money feat. Lil' Scrappy
15. Good Relationships feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg
16. Better Believe
17. Pussy Monsters feat. The Game
18. OG's Theme
19. Drinkin N Drivin
20. Everybody Drunk feat. Shawnna
21. Don't Trust Her feat. Gucci Mane
22. Start Button
23. Grizzly

"Ludacris" Features "Jazmine Sullivan" 
"Hear My Cry" (Remix)

"Ludacris" Features "Jennifer Hudson" 
"Hear My Cry" (Original)


"Jennifer Hudson" 
Denis Pregnancy Rumors,
 That Belly Is Just A Tumor?

"Jennifer Hudson's" Rep Lisa Kasteler made a statement: 

Contrary to what has been falsely reported, Jennifer Hudson is not pregnant,” Jennifer leaves in April for South Africa where she will portray Winnie Mandela in the feature film, Winnie.”

“It is a commitment she is excited about and takes very seriously,” the rep adds. “Jennifer is currently in the studio recording her second album and this is the only delivery she is looking forward to in 2010.”


Oprah's first-ever holiday duet extravaganza! 
Six of music's biggest names 
that have never sung together 

Jennifer Hudson Sugarland

Alicia Keys & Tim McGraw

Natalie cole, Mary J Blige & Andre Bocelli



"Jennifer Hudson" left her 2 month baby, David Otunga Jr. at home to sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" for a  Netflix screening of "Wizzard Of The Oz" in Central Park. She made some comments on what David Jr. is like.

“He’s the cutest thing in the world! There are no words for it. He’s the best. It’s just amazing – us discovering each other, me becoming a mom.”

“He seems like he’s very interested in music already. The other night he was having a fit screaming, and someone turns on the music and he just stops and calms down. And I was exactly the same way as a baby”

"Jenifer Hudson" hits the streets of New York with belly support.

Somebody should of told her something. Got her look'n like Sponge Bob Square Belly.

Maybe she's try'n to get her body back for the VH1 Diva's show, but if you're gonna wear a belly burner, make sure you don't wear an outfit that it doesn't show.

"Jennifer Hudson" and her fiance David Otunga welcomed their first child together. The couple opted not to know the sex of the baby so they purchased girl and boy clothes, and had a healthy 7lb baby boy named David Daniel Otunga Jr.

Congrats from the "Real Spill" staff.

Robble-Robble. What the hell did she eat? Is this halloween? Is she the trick or the treat? VeeGee says it looks like she's wearing a diaper. Who's gonna wipe her? Ugh!

Who authorized this? I want name, address and social security number, just because she's pregnant, you didn't have to go "Bag Lady", on her. I don't know what looks worse, her front or flat back. Who eva did this to her, needs to get slapped. 

How can you have camel toe in baggy pants? This looks like a reunion show fit, for the cast of Flash Dance.