"Wale" & "Rick Ross" Ft "Jeremih"
"That Way"  

Off New Album "Self Made"


"Jeremih" & "Drake"
Baby Just Like You, I Get Lonely Too
"I Get Lonely Too"

Man, I love "I Get Lonely Too". All that thug love is good in it's season for it's a reason, but a real woman wants a dude to be sweet to her. I'm not a b*tch or a h*oe, and I love when a real man knows how to treat a woman like a woman.

 Eh, "I Get Lonely Too" made my stomach get butterflies. For some reason I've always liked "Drake" singing better than rap'n. His raps are all start'n to blend in and sound the same, but sing'n elevates him to a whole nutha game. "I Get Lonely Too" is a winner for dinner.