"Keri Hilson" Ft. "Nelly"
"Lose Control"
(Official Video)  


"Keri Hilson" & "Chris Brown"
"One Night Stand
(Official Video)

Thank you Lord. At least now I know where, when and why "Chris Brown" gave that blond hair a try. All for his new video with "Keri Hilson", called "One Night Stand".

Me, Myslef & Irene, are glad that the dark hair is back on the scene. "Chris Brown" almost made me stop babysitting him, but I know "Timmy Lee" is waiting to take my contract, and we can't have her doing that, (lol). 


"Keri Hilson"
  "Black Cloud

"Black Cloud" was produced by the "Neptunes" so I know why the beat is so funky. I don't hate "Black Cloud", but I don't love it either. I think with a drink and a dance floor I might be able to make it do what it do, but it didn't do, what it was supposed to do for me, boo.


"Keri Hilson" & "Ne-Yo"
Perform "Knock You Down" Live 
(VEVO Presents: "Ne-Yo & Friends") 


10 Tracks "Keri Hilson" "No Boys Allowed"
"Lose Control", "Buyou", "Bahm Bahm", 
"One Night Stand", "Gimme What I Want", 
"All The Boys", "Toy Solider", "Beautiful Mistake"
"Breaking Point" (Official Video)
"Pretty Girl Rock" (Official Video)

"No Boys Allowed" In Stores Now


Keri Hilson-Pretty Girl Rock (Official Video)

Keri Hilson - Beautiful Mistake 

Keri Hilson - Toy Soldier 

Keri Hilson-Breaking Point
(Official Video)

Keri Hilson-All The Boys

Keri Hilson - Gimme What I Want 

Keri Hilson - One Night Stand 

Keri Hilson - Bahm Bahm 

Keri Hilson - Buyou 

Keri Hilson-Lose Control


"Keri Hilson" & "Rick Ross"
Drop A Controversial Video For 
"The Way You Love Me
(Official Video)

Uh, I don't know why everyone is hate'n on "Keri Hilson" for get her boogie on in her video. Maybe cuz she got a little xxx with it. Some people say she's trying to be "Rihanna", Ciara" or "Beyonce" but now them two don't own the corner of the market to be half naked dance like a freak in your video. Seems like when ever you do something you never did before people always want to say you try'n to be like someone else. Honestly I don't have a problem with her dance'n it's the song i can't stand. 


"Keri Hilson"  ft "Lil Kim
"By You


"Chris Brown" ft. "Keri Hilson
 (Official Remix)


Chris Brown featuring Tyga & Kevin McCall 
(Original Video) 


"Trey Songz" feat. "Keri Hilson
"F*ck Wit U No More"
 F*ck'n With You, Is Bad For My Health

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, dis is da sh*t. I already new as soon as da beat snapped that this was gonna be the slap. First of all you got "Trey Songz" shit'n where he's spit'n, going over the "P-Diddy" & "Drake" beat "Loving You No More" and "Keri Hilson" kept smash'n from the front to the back door. Eh, when he said "constipated @ss, she aint never had shit", you can't even mess with it.

Dirty Money Featuring Drake 
"Loving You No More" 

(Official Video)


"Keri Hilson" Feat. "Rick Ross"
Get Some Over Weight Love'n In Da House
"The Way You Love Me"

Man, so not feel'n "The Way You Love Me". Not trying to be rude to any of the big dudes, but this song gave me attitude. When I think of someone I want to rub and tug on me it's not "Rick Ross". I don't care if he is "The Boss" he can fire my @ss, cuz this song did not pass. I don't know it it's just the way "Keri Hilson" sounded, the hook was hella annoying and "Rick Ross" flows are starting to really be boring.