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"Oakland"/"LiveWire" CEO
"J. Stalin" Ft. "Too Short" & "Big KRIT
"She The Type"

Off "J Stalin's" Album "Memoirs of a Curb Server"


"J. Stalin" & "Too Short" might be short in height, but they stand tall on the mic. Ya'll already know, "Too Short", is at the top of my list of "favorite rappers", and "She The Type" is a cool lil Bay slapper

I'll be honest, the older I get the more sensitive my spirit gets to listening to a song like this, but at the same time, they aint talking about me, so........... But now ladies, we really got to think about it. Here's what they think about us. They don't care how cute or sexy you are, cuz next week, you will not be rolling in their passenger seat. It's a shame, but all dudes want is a woman who gives, (not has) good brain

So, check what these dudes are choosing, cuz in the end, if all you're doing is giving it up, you're losing.


"Oakland" Rapper & "LiveWire" CEO "J. Stalin
"Ball Hard

Off Upcoming Album "The Body Snatchers"


The "Livewire" CEO is back!!! This banga is off "J. Stalin's" latest project, a prequel to his next album "Memoirs of a Curb Server," called, "The Body Snatchers".