"Lloyd" Feat. "Wale
"All of Me"

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Ummmm, to answer the question, I have to say, yes, with my chest!!! (lol) 

Love thisright here. Been on both sides of the "All Of Me" position, and I think that's why I'm feel'n it so much, cuz it's tru da life, and why women love to get knifed.


"Lloyd" Ft. "Andre 3000"
"Dedication To My Ex
 [Official Video] 

Eh,my bad for the "P" bombs, but it's his not my song. (lol) Made me a little uncomfortable, I like the edited version better, but I don't really like that either

Funny, everyone who messes with "Andre 3000", turns into his mini-me. Is totally not a "Lloyd" beat or even a "Lloyd" type video, but it's definitely "Andre 3000".

I don't know, I was just wondering they would have "Andre 3000" be a cat in the video, instead of actually being in the video? Cuz that would of made it a little better and worth "Lloyd's" cheddar.

Peep the lead chick, she kinda looks like "Aaliyah", if she was thick.


"Trae Tha Truth"
 ft. "Rick Ross", "Lloyd" & "Game
"I Am The Streets"

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"Never Window Shoppin

Off "King Of Hearts" (Deluxe Edition)

MAN! Heard da hell out of dat! I wish-I wish-I wish I met a man, who I made so happy, he just wanted to splurge on me. Now days dudes got the game messed up and they want to drive your car and drop you off at work, stay in your spot, eat your food up while you're at work, smoke your check up (weed) and have thee nerve to have an attitude

Man, wish I could meet a dude that would take me to Bloomingdales and just let me shop till I drop, or betta yet, I get my own dough, and do it for my own self, though. (lol)


"Lloyd" Ft. "Awesome Jones"
(Official Video)


"Twista" ft "Lloyd
 "Bad Girl"
 (Official Video)

I don't know, My name is "Tease Right" and I like "Lloyd", now with all that said, I think he's very underrated and doesn't get the credit he's due, but I wasn't really feeling "Bad Girl". I thought the video would make me like it more, but it didn't. Not saying that I hated it, cuz I didn't, but I just didn't love it, but I wanted to.


"Lloyd" feat. "Lil Wayne
"Li lMiss That P*ssy"
Some Other Bee Been Buzz'n In Your Honey

"Lil Miss Poom-Poom" was produced by "Kanye West", and really only "Llloyd" could sing this song. I liked it for what it was. Didn't really make me want to dance, but I'll give it a chance. I think what I liked about it was the old skool feel.


"Lloyd"  Feat. "R. Kelly" & "Young Jeezy
"Lay It Down"
 (Official Remix) (G-Mix)


"Wale"  feat. "Lloyd"
"Let's Chill"


"Lloyd"  feat "50 Cent
"Let's Get It In
I Wish I Had Time To Get To Know You, But I Don't
I Wish I Could Be Here In The Morning, But I Won't
So Let's Get It In, Girl, So Let's Get It In Girl

Getting ready to release his fourth album "King Of Hearts" later this year," Lloyd" introduced you to the first single "Lay Down"  and now has thrown "50 Cent" on the second released single "Let’s Get It In" borrow from the old skool song "Just A Touch Of Love".