Ciara Ft. Nicki Minaj - "I'm Out" (Official Video)
Nelly Ft Nicki Minaj & Pharrell - "Get Like Me"
"Mariah Carey Ft. Miguel & A$AP Rocky - "Beautiful" (Remix)

Ciara Ft. Nicki Minaj 
"I'm Out
(Official Video)

Nelly Ft Nicki Minaj & Pharrell
"Get Like Me"

Mariah Carey Ft. Miguel & A$AP Rocky
 "Beautiful" (Remix)


"Mariah Carey" Ft. "Rick Ross", "Meek Mill"
 "Triumphant" (Get 'Em
(Official Video)


"Mariah Carey"
Goes Country Gone Wrong
"Help Me Make It"

All I can say is that I'm not feeling it, not no parts of it. I'm lost in translation and communication. See I knew it would only be a matter of time before "Nick Cannon" started to rub off on her and she started to get coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs again. I understand expanding your range and re-creating yourself but country?

"Help Me Make It" is an acoustic cover of "Kris Kristofferson’s" “Help Me Make It Through the Night” recorded for the 2008 drama Tennessee. The country ballad was also popularized by Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and "Tina Turner". (RapUp.Com)


"Mariah Carey"
Enlists "The Dream & "Ludacris"
"Ribbon" (Remix)

"The Dream" is just really gay to me right now. I don't know what "Christina Millian" did to his creativity but it wasn't good. Now I understand why he's retiring cuz he needs to get some fire'n. He's a good song writer/producer for other people but he's start'n to suck.


They Say You'll Neva See A Man Cry 
Till You See A Man Die, 
So I Don't Know Nothing About No 
"Angel Cry" 
But I Guess "Mariah" And "Neyo" Do.



Ladies & Gentleman Boys & Girls 
This Is What Happens 
When You Let Your Man Direct Your Video
"Mariah" &"Nicki Minaj" 
Should Of Told "Nick Cannon" To Get
"Up Out My Face" 
With That Camera, Look'n Like A Target Commercial



Still Waiting  "Mariah Carey's" 
"Up Out My Face" Video
But They Finally Leaked 
"Nicki Minaj's" Verse



"Mariah Carey" & "Nicki Minaj" 
Shot A Barbie Style Video Directed By "Nick Cannon" For "Mariah's" Remix "Up Out My Face" 
On Mariah's New Album Released In February 2010


Halloween Party "Obsessed"/"Up Out My Face" (Video)

"Up Out My Face"

"The Dream" Singing "Up Out My Face" Demo

"Mariah" & "The Dream" "Up Out My Face"


"Mariah Carey" 
Performs "It's A Wrap" 
On The "George Lopez Tonight" Show


"Its A Wrap" (Live)

Live Interview (Part 1)

Live Interview (Part 2)


Leg-warmers In Full Affect,What The Heck?
 But For Them Boots, Much Respect





H.A.T.E. U. (Fan Video)