"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"


"James Fortune" & "FIYA"
Ft. "Monica" & "Fred Hammond"
"Hold On"
(Official Video)


"Monica" & "Brandy
"It All Belongs To Me
(Official Video)

Man, this song was a let down for me. I guess when you're gonna unite two artist who had a straight smash, you're expecting the smash part II. But they are some cold hearted killers tell dude to "log off his Facebook, cuz that Mac Book belongs to me". 

(lol) But see that's where women go wrong. You don't buy your dude, and then get rude, cuz you're feeling screwed. If he aint got it, he better get it. And if it all belongs to you, what you need him for. <<MESSAGE!!!


"Monica" Ft. "Rick Ross"
"Anything (To Find You)"
(Official Video) 
 "Until It's Gone


"Until It's Gone" 


"Love All Over Me"



Hits The Spot And Makes 
"106 N Park" Hot
Filling In For Rosci In Visiting The Troops
In Germany On The USO Tour




"Trina" & "Monica"
Take It Back To The Old Skool 

Something about the sound of "Trina's" voice bothers me. I respect as a entertainer cuz she been on the scene for 12 years, but she keep rap'n about the same stuff on a different beat. If it wasn't for "Monica" singing the hook borrowed from an old skool classic by "Anquette" called "I Will Always Be There For You", "Always" would of gotten a bigger boo.

"Anquette" (Original) "I Will Always Be There For You


Is Out To Get Her Man With 
"Here I Am"

He don't love me like he used to, he don't hold me, he don't kiss me, boy my body's feeling lonely.
I can help you, If I need to.
So, when he go on Top with the boys at the club 
I'm hit u up like yeah, yeah, yeah
when he be dancing with that chick 
I'm gonna be peck'n at my ___ 
it'll be like yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
If you need to love somebody 
and I really want to be that body, here I am. 
You can have me morning, noon & night 
you can have me anytime you like.

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to like "Here I Am" by "Monica" cuz it was sounding a little "Bradyish" to me, but the more I listened to it the more I liked it. I guess I just need to realize my old "Monica" is gone she's grown up an evolved into a woman and she's just not gonna be what she used to be 10 years ago, so I got to let it go. But I'm kinda feel'n "Here I Am".


The Very Second I Laid Eyes On You 
In The Mirror, In That Dressing Room
Seeing You With Me, 
I Finally Knew The Picture Was Complete
I Used to Have My Share Of Lonely Days
Beneath The Makeup And The Darkest Shades
But Baby Since You Came I Know The Meaning Of True Love Again
It's Not The Bags Or The Trips Or The Clothes 
It's Not The Fans Or The Sold Out Shows 
It's The Way You See Through My Soul
I'm So Exposed When I Look At Myself In The Mirror



"Monica" Features Her Baby Dad/Fiance "Rocko"
"How I Like It"