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"Taj-He-Spitz" - "Poker Face" (Freestyle)
"Taj-He-Spitz" - "Clique" (Freestyle)
"Taj-He-Spitz" - "Unthinkable" (Freestyle) 
"#TeamVallejo" - "Seven Oh Savage"

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "Taj-He-Spitz
"Poker Face" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @tajhespitz

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "Taj-He-Spitz
"Unthinkable" (Freestyle) 

Twitter: @tajhespitz

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "Taj-He-Spitz
"Clique" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @tajhespitz

"Vallejo" Group "#TeamVallejo
"Seven Oh Savage"

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"Miss Mykie
"Block My Shine"
  (Official Video) 

Off "That Pink That Green:Volume 4"

Twitter: @MissMykie


HOU/LA/DC/NY Rapper/Singer "Miss Mykie
 "Moment Of Clarity

(Freestlye Over "Big Sean" & "Chris Brown" Like It's "My Last")

Twitter: @MissMykie

Eh, I was hella feeling this right here. Maybe cuz "Miss Mykie" was going hard over one of my favorite songs right now "My Last" by "Big Sean" & "Chris Brown", which goes over my all time favorite song by "New Edition" "Can You Stand The Rain". What eva the reason, I know she spit with heat, and she's gonna be hard to beat. "Miss Mykie" is just fly, where a lot of chicks just try".

"Big Sean" & "Chris Brown" 
"My last" 
(Dirty Video Version)

"New Edition"

"Can You Stand The Rain' 

(Official Video)


"Oakland" Rappers
"Kurt Diggler" & "That N*gga Drizzle
"Impeccable" & "Who We Are" (Official Video)

"Drizzle" Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot Footage 
With "Duke" Of "L.P.I.T.

Twitter: @datniggadrizzle
Twitter: @Wildbill_557

Not trying to be rude, "That N*gga Drizzle", is one of my favorite "Oakland" dudes. Be on the look out for his new street album "Universal Solja" and get his mix tape "Life Of A Stunna" in iTunes, right now.

My swag is impeccable, if you see me, I'm gonna let it go, kncokc'n nIggas down, and I use you n*gga's for stepp'n stones. I came from the block in East Oakland, I'm heading for the throne.

That Nigga Drizzle and Wild Bill 
(Official Video)

Kurt Diggler ft.That Nigga Drizzle 
"Who We Are

Behind The Scenes Drizzle Photo Shoot Footage 
With Duke Of L.P.I.T. 


"California/ATL" Singer "Rayven Justice"
"Settle For Less"

Twitter: @RayvenJustice

Eh, ladies. If ya'll sleep'n on RNB singer "Raven Justice", you better start peep'n, cuz he sure is creep'n. Going in over this "Tupac" beat, he's kill'n it! I want to see him live, to see if he's a good singer or a great singer. But for what I'm hearing right now, I LOVE "RAYVEN JUSTICE", and you're bout to hear from him, if you haven't already heard.


Album Available On Amazon & I Tunes

"Ultraviolet" is the debut album by Chicago rapper and singer "Kid Sister". The original album title was "Dream Date" but was changed during the recording process, along with the removal of three tracks and addition of five new ones. This record is produced by A-Trak, Spank Rock producer XXXchange, Sinden, DJ Gant-Man, Hervé, Yuksek, and more ... "Ultraviolet" features Estelle, Kanye West, Cee Lo, and more... The three first single are: "Control", "Pro Nails" and "Right Hand Hi"

"Right Hand Hi" (Live Jimmy Kimmel)

"Step" (Live)

"Right Hand Hi" (Video)

"Pro Nails" (Video) ft "Kanye West"

Love "Mend Your Broken Heart". I need a dude with a bandaid and some peroxide to come over here "treat me like a queen" and mend my broken heart. Can't tell if "Antonio" is cute or not, but the way he sings it don't matter he could get da biz.
Man ya'll know I'm loving "Why" by "One Chance", I don't know who these dudes are and they aint that cute, but I love this song. This is how "Day 26" was supposed to sound like
Eh, don't judge "Sammie" by his low budget video, cuz the song "Sky's The Limit" is cool and I guess the video is appropriate cuz their aint no limit to the sky so what else can you show it sky cuz cars and houses shows limits.
This dude is "Rick Ross" artist his name is "Magazeen" and I like what I've seen so far. Love this song. I was grind'n and whind'n in my chair. "Vee Gee" I know you love'n this song, cuz it's da bomb. "Beat-It Beat-Beat-It"