Got My Damn Mascara Running Down My Face
Crying Buckets In The Bathroom Of This Place
In The Mirror Ask'n How Could This Be
Suddenly The Mirror Started Talk'n Back At Me
 It Said What The Hell You Doing, Baby Wipe Ur Face
Girl Those Tears Are Special Do Let Them Go Away

"Ne-Yo" steps back on the scene after being quiet for a while with a new song "Bedroom Walk'n" which was produced by "Chuck Harmony" who produced “Russian Roulette” from "Rihanna’s" album "Rated R", but it looks like this "Bedroom Walk'n" was created as a demo that was intended for a female vocalist. (I Hope) The title dont match the vocals. Should be called No More Tears For You or Bathroom Walk'n don't know where this title came from cuz it happened in a club and aint no talk about a bedroom.

Ya'll know that I cant stand this damn house-techno sound, so for me when "Ne-Yo's" song was "All Over" when it first started.