"Los Angels" Rapper "Nipsey Hussle
 "Keys To The City"
(Official Video) 


"Nipsey Hussle
"Never Lose"
(Official Video) 



"Nipsey Hussle"
My Life Is A Blessing, Your Life Is A Stressing
"Cold Wind Blows" (Freestyle)


"Chamillionaire" Ft "Nipsey Hussle"
Got My Name All In Your Mouth, 
I Should Have Been A Dentist
"When Ya On"

I'm really not a "Chamillionaire" fan. Don't know why. just not but this song "When Ya On", is kinda hot. Don't know if it's because "Nipsey Hussle's" on it or not, "When Ya On", is a cool little song.


Jumped Out The Bed Threw My Religious On
Pull'n Straight Out The Driveway Time To Get It On
It's West Coast Life Its Feel'n Like A Movie Ya'll
My West Coast Wife Only Want Louis Vuitton
Lets Move Along To The Hommie's Down Slosson

"Young Berg's" song "Magic On Mars" was produced by "DJ Rockstar" and hosted by "DJ Ill Will", I like the other version better than the video version because it features "Nipsey Hustle" and underground star who's got under rated bars. Wasn't really feeling the video with him in a garage full of expensive cars. BORING! Been there seen that, where's "Jordan Towers" creativity at?

"Magic On Mars" Featuring "Nipsey Hussle"


Ridaman Ridaman Does Whateva A Rida Can 
Bust A Cap In His Sides, 
Represent The Motha*ucken East Side
Look Out, Here Comes The Ridaman

"Ridaman" starts off sounding like like "Slick Rick's" song "Children's Story" then turns into "Spiderman's" theme song, back into "Children's Story". I like "Ridaman" which is off of his "I Wanna Rock" mixtape with "DJ Skee",  "DJ Whoo Kid" and "DJ Scream". "Snoop's" album "Malice In Wonderland" drops Dec 8th.

"Ancient Chinese Secret"

"Gangta's Life" ft "Nipsey Hussle"

"Blasten" ft "Ice Cube"

"Shoot Um Up"

"Upside Down" ft "Nipsey Hussle"

"I Wanna Rock"

"The Cure"