"Omarion"  Starring "Rosa Acosta
"Come N Fck Wit Me"
 (Official Video) 

Uh, squeeze me! Baking Powder? I'm sorry, but all I had to hear was the beat to come on, to now that this was not fit'n to be the business. You can't take a classic from "Jodeci" like "Come & Talk To Me" and switch it up to "Come N F*ck Wit Me". YOU JUST CANT! What part of the game is that? And all I want and need to know is who authorized that? Hugh?


"Omarion" & "J.Cole"

Uh, da answer to the question that "J. Cole" & "Omarion" kept ask'n is YEEEEEEES! But, not with them. Anyone else tall-skinny-dark skinned like "Terry Kennedy" yes. I loved "Morning". Not a "J Cole" or "Omarion" fan but I was feeling it this "Morning".


"No One Else"
No One Else, No Nobody Else

Still a little young for me, but "Omarion" is almost old enough to holla at me. But now, he's too short, so I'd just rub on his abs and go home. "No One Else" aint super sweet like I like em, but it's not bad.


Knows What You'll Be Needing To Stop The Bleeding

Paging Doctor "Omarion" to the operation room. This song is cute, kinda, Something I probably would expect someone younger in the game to come out with something this lame. But maybe because I'm old enough to be his mom is why "Surgery" is not the bomb.


"Omarion" Features "Snoop Dogg"
"Last Night" (Remix)


"Omarion" (Original) "Last Night"


"Shane Sparks" Is Out & "Omarion" Is
 Get'n It In
"America's Best Dance Crew"

Due to the fact that "Shane Sparks" got a gang of legal problems for touching on little girls and wont be able to judge the show cuz he'll be in jail. So "America's Best Dance Crew" have solicited "Omarion" to sit alongside of other celebrity guest judges "Lil Mama" and "JC Chasez". "Omarion" will make his debut as a judge on the fifth season, premiering on January 28th at 10 PM on MTV. "Omarion" will judge dance crews from around the country on their creativity and ability on the popular dance competition show."Omarion" is a professional dancer who is trained in tap, jazz, hip-hop and African dance

 “I’m so excited to be a judge on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew,” says Omarion. “Dancing and performing is what I do and being a judge on this show will allow me to give creative feedback to the newest and hottest dancers on the rise.” 


"T-Pain" Is look'n For Dancers 
"Blood Sweat & Dance" Is The Answer

If you've always dreamed of being a "T-Pain" dancer now here is your chance. Submit a a two minute video with a 60 second video of you dancing to "Omarion's" song "I Get It In" with 30 seconds of another talent and 30 seconds of you talking about you. The winners go on a paid world tour with "T-Pain". To enter get on-line at Dancejam.com/contests/tpain to find out more details.


Drops A Video For 
(The Video Made Me Like The Song More)



New Release



I Get The Girls Thats Pretty In The Face
Real Nice Boody, Still Skinny In The Waist
I Like The Way She Moves 
When She Shakes It In My Face
It's A Code Red When We Step In The Place

"Code Red" is off of "Omarion's" album "Ollusions" which drops January 12th. Not really feeling "Code Red" it's heavy in auto-tune and sounds like all of his other dance/holla at chicks tracks. He's not growing and try'n to do what he thinks will sell instead of pushing the envelope and being a leader not a follower.