"2 Chainz" Ft. "Pharrell" 
"Feds Watching"


"The Game Has Changed" [No Tags]


"Tyga" Ft. "Pharrell", "Snoop Dogg" & "Game
"Really Raw


"T.I." featuring "Pharrell"
Skateboard Beat Make Your Face Fall 
Serve A B*tch Straight D Make Her Face Fall Off. 


"Gucci Mane" Ft "Nicki Minaj" & "Pharrell
Yo, This One Goes Out To All Of My Critics,
Don't You Feel Stupid, Look How I Did It
Look How It Came To Pass When I Said It
We Can Do Debit, I Don't Need No Credit
Yes I'm Epic, Look How I Rep It
It's Been 8 Years But I Broke The Record
Yep The The Record, Yep The Record, 
Yep The Record
Just Wanna Wreck It
I'm All That I Can Be, An Element 
The Pause When Envy
Cuz You Can Do It To, And You Can Do It
I Just Happen To Be The Girl They Threw It To
So Imma Bounce Back And I'm Ball Out 
And Every time You See Me Imma Go All Out
And I'mma Win Till The Ending 
Don't Be Mad When You See Me Transcending

Eh, see this "Nicki Minaj" I can get with. Maybe she used all that "barbie" funny look'n sound'n stuff just as her door to enter into the game, but if she keep flow'n like this she's not only gonna get dough she's gonna get mad respect, yo. (Sorry pulled my East Coast Swag out da  bag. I like "Nicki" on this. "Pharrel" sounded like "John Legend" and "Gucci" was straight can't even hate. I can see it now everyone walk'n around seeing I be sip'n on some "Haterade" that deep down get you paid, it taste like lemonade, scrunch your face when you see me paid.


Lets Lose Of A Snippet Of His New Song
"Fun Fun Fun"
Off The New Animated Movie 
"Despicable Me"



Politic'n With Some Marinated Chicken
Celebrates Cinco De Mayo With President Obama
At The White House 
(How You Eat Beans, Rice & Carne Asade In A Suit?)



You Know "Pharrell" Love Da Kidz

"Pharrell" Williams has dropped a new teenager friendly website called Kidult.com. "Pharell" describes it as "reliable news source that speaks directly to teenagers," the web site features edited and user-generated content that encompasses current events, politics, science, the environment, technology, health, sports, gaming, fashion and entertainment.Already live, the site also serves up a diverse interview section that ranges from Q&A's with popular celebrities (Justin Bieber, Kidz in the Hall, Miranda Cosgrove) to "Cool Job" professionals (the talent coordinator for "The Daily Show"). "Kidult.com" will also feature blogs, political polls and daily video posts which will also include "Kidult" made videos and movie trailers. "Pharell" also wants to expand the "Kidult" brand into the conference arena, which promotes the "Kidult" Youth Leadership Conference" on June 26 at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers. Expected speakers are "Pharrell"  and Mimi Valdes, the site's co-founder and also editor in chief of "Latina Magazine". 


So I'm Just Sitt'n In This Rehab Class 
Try'n To Get Myself Unhooked On Ass
So Then My Teacher Asks Me A Question
Like Ludacris Are You Over THer Sexting
Ah Ha, OMG, LOL, KIT, SMile Faces, X&O's, LMFAO
My Girl Went Through My Cell Phone

"Ludacris" & "Pharell" team up together to hit a topic that everyone was talk'n back "Tiger Woods" & "Sexting". It's kinda silly and I'm not really feel'n it, it sounds like something my 14 & 15 year old niece would listen to. They're too old to be dropping this crap "Sexting". (WTF)


"Pharrell" & "Lil Wayne" 
Had To Put The "Smack Down"
When I Call That Ass Just Come Through
But you Don't Want to Leave Now Do You?
From The Coupe, The Jeep How We Flew
You Love How Young And Rich Do
Hot & Bothered Your Mind So Confused 
But You Don't Want To Leave now Do You?

Love this little skateboard beat. "Pharrell" & "Lil Wayne" freaked it with "Smack Down". When you put it on someone so good they don't want to leave it's a "Smack Down". When that fool is spell'n your name, speak'n in pig latin it's a "Smack Down". When he's sucking on his thumb drooling on your pillow it's a "Smack Down"