"Christian" Rap/Worshipper "Uncle Reece
"Until I Pass Out" (Official Video)

"Until I Pass Out" (REMIX)

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See, Jesus was the only one that saved my soul, he took a chance on this broken hearted man, grabbed my hand and HE made me whole. See, Jesus was the only one that saved my soul. See, Jesus was the only one that saved my soul and Jesus was the only one that made me whole. So, I'm gonna worship until I pass out, (there is no other option). See, I'm gonna worship until I pass. (There is no other option) So, we go hard in the paint, hard in the paint, we go, hard in the paint as we worship!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love this right here. Thank you Jesus. You are wonderful, you are awesome and I thank you for all you have done for me and mines and will continue to do. And if you never do one more thing for me, you've done enough. I will continue to serve you, reverence you, and cherish you. You are the GREAT I AM, and because of you I AM, who I am. Thank you LORD, your faithful and loving servant, "T.Wright" (editor of the TheRealSpill.com)

"Uncle Reece"
 "Until I Pass Out" (REMIX)

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"Christian" Rapper "Da T.R.U.T.H.

"JESUS is for EVERYBODY"(Official Video)
& "Hope" (Official Video) Ft. "Thi'sl", "Flame" & "Trip Lee"

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What I like about "JESUS is for EVERYBODY", I can feel the struggle of a young artist with a GIFT of expression, that GOD gave him, being judged and criticized by the body of CHRIST. GOD made us all DIFFERENT, but HE gave us all the same MISSION to spread the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST. There is only ONE manual, THE BIBLE, and the mission set forth was (Mark 16:15) “And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.” So, because GOD made us all DIFFERENT, we're all gonna have DIFFERENT ways of DELIVERING the MESSAGE, but as long as the MESSAGE lines up with the WORD OF GOD how can you judge that? Sometimes people forget, only GOD can judge... "T.Wright" (Editor of the Realspill.com)

"Da' T.R.U.T.H." Ft. "Thi'sl", "Flame" & "Trip Lee"
"Hope" (Official Video)


"Smokie Norful" Ft  "Tye Tribbett"
 "He's Gonna Come Through"


"The Ambassador
"YAH" (You See Me
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"Christian" Rappers "Crowned Saintz
"God's Elect" (Official Video)

Off "F.A.M.E." Album

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Check out the Official new video from Gospel rap/ Christian hip hop group "Crowned Saintz !!!! If you like music that delivers the powerful message of Jesus Christ , like artists such as Trip lee, Lacrae, 116 clique, Bizzle, Thi'sl, Da Truth, Canton Jones, than you will love the Album F.A.M.E. you can purchase the album F.A.M.E. (favor and mercy everyday) on I-tunes Cd baby, Limewire, Amazon and all other major online distributers!!! 


"Christian" Rapper/Producer "Black Knight"
(6) Tracks Off "The Break In" Album

"Not Gonna Go" Ft. "D-Maub" & "Jesus Geek"
"Can't Hold Me Down" Ft "Sho Baraka", "Transparent" & "Melinda Watts" 
"Bags Down" Ft. "Rhema Soul" & "Chris Cobbins"
"Lifejacket" Ft. "Json" & "Shamaya"
"We Do It" Ft. "Kadence" & "Milliyon" 
"I'm On" Ft. "Canon", "Todd" & "Exoduz"


"Dark Knight"
 Ft "Sho Baraka", "Transparent" & "Melinda Watts"

"Cant Hold Me Down

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Black Knight Ft. Rhema Soul & Chris Cobbins
 "Bags Down"
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"Black Knight" Ft. "D-Maub" & "Jesus Geek"
"Not Gonna Go"

"Black Knight" Ft. "Json" & "Shamaya"

"Black Knight" Ft. "Kadence" & "Milliyon"
"We Do It"

"Black Knight" Ft. "Canon", "Todd" & "Exoduz"
"I'm On"


"James Fortune" & "FIYA"
Ft. "Monica" & "Fred Hammond"
"Hold On"
(Official Video)


"Oakland" Christian Rapper "AGERMAN"
"Lift Him Up" (Official Video)

Off "Slang Talk" Album

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"Christian" Rapper "Trip Lee" Ft. "J. Paul"
(Official Video)

"Off The Good Life"

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"Fallin" is off "Trip Lee's" 4th studio album "The Good Life".

"Fallin" is the one song every Christian can relate with, as "Trip" expresses some of the challenges we face on daily basis with our flesh trying to pull us down, but Jesus is always there to pick us up when we fall.


"Bay Area" Christian Rapper
"Transparent" Ft. "Sky Manzanetti"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @transparent82