Christmas Reggae Mix 2012 Part 1 & 2

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Christmas Reggae Mix 2012 Part 1

 Christmas Reggae Mix 2012 Part 2


(12) "Reggae All Day"

"I-Octane"  Ft "Bounty Killer"-"Badmind Dem A Pree" (Video)
"Elephant Man" & "Beenie Man" -"We Nah Tek Bad Up" 
"CNile" Ft. "Jnesis" - "Talk Wid Gunshot
"Vybz Kartel" Ft "Tommy Lee" - "Run Ya Business" 
"Mavado" - "Special Kinda Gyal"

"Gappy Ranks" & "Busy Signal" - "Money Finger
"Tony Matterhorn" - "One Life
"Vybz Kartel", "Buju Banton", "Sizzla" & "LeftSide
"Bun Out Haters" And "Sodomite"
"Vybz Kartel" - "Weed Smokers
Vybz Kartel Ft. Rihanna, Chris Brown, Meek Mill & Konshens 
"Freaky Gal" (RMX) 
"Vybz Kartel" Ft. "Gaza Slim" -"Everything You Need

"Demarco" - "My Confessions

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"I-Octane"  Ft "Bounty Killer
"Badmind Dem A Pree"
 ((Official Music Video))

"Elephant Man" & "Beenie Man
"We Nah Tek Bad Up

"Charly Black"
 Ft "Busy Signal", "Patra" & "Konshens
"Dig Out Medley"

"Tony Matterhorn
"One Life

"CNile"  Ft. "Jnesis
"Talk Wid Gunshot"  

"Special Kinda Gyal"

"Vybz Kartel" Ft "Tommy Lee
"Run Ya Business

"Gappy Ranks" & "Busy Signal
"Money Finger

"Vybz Kartel", "Buju Banton", "Sizzla" & "LeftSide
"Bun Out Haters" And "Sodomite

"Vybz Kartel
"Weed Smokers

"Vybz Kartel
Ft Rihanna, Chris Brown, Meek Mill & Konshens "Freaky Gal"  ((REMIXX)) 

"Vybz Kartel" Ft. "Gaza Slim
"Everything You Need

"My Confessions"


"Reggae" Dudes

"Reggae" Artist "Jah Cure" Ft "2Pac" (RIP)
 "All By Myself"
 "Stylez" - "Good Ole A Dweet

"Reggae" Artist "Jah Cure" Ft "2Pac" (RIP)
 "All By Myself"

"Reggae" Artist "Stylez
"Good Ole A Dweet" (Aka Good P*ssy) 

Off "Stylez & Hiz 6ix Diciplez"

Twitter: @IAmStylezMusic


(5) Tracks "Reggae" Album 
"Ragga Ragga Ragga" 2012

Dropping April 17th

Check out the photo shoot for new reggae album "Ragga Ragga Ragga" 2012 and preview 5 hot new tracks, that smack. 

Featured tracks include: "Call Mi A Yardie" ft. Stylo G, "Da Herb Deh" ft. Gappy Ranks, "Yah Suh Nice" ft. Potential Kid, "Murderer" ft. Lea Anna.


"Reggae" Singer "I-Octane
[Official Video] 

Off "Crying To The Nation"

Twitter: @Realioctane

I L.O.V.E. this right here. If you haven't heard of "I-Octane", you soon will, cuz he's doing big thangs.
"I-Octane" drops a video for "L.O.V.E.Y.O.U.", which is the first single off his debut album "Crying To The Nation". 


"Reggae" Dude "BESCENTA
"Hold A Joy
(Mix Tape) 

"Bescenta" drops a his official mix tape called "Hold A Joy", and if your down, or just aint feel'n it today, "Hold A Joy" will help to get you on you way.

I dedicate and  shout this post to my sister and friend "Vee Gee" of "Dime On A Dime", going through some thangs, this past week. Really sorry to hear about the passing of your grandma, and I know it's hard to not have tears, because she was a great women, and will be missed, but she was spunky and had joy in her life and in her world, and I hope you all remember her spirit, because it was BIG. Remember the good times and remember her joy...... Love ya, sister. RIP "Grandma Retha".


"Bobby V." Ft. "Beenie Man"
"So Bad

Aiiiight, so I'm like 3 weeks late with this, but betta late than neva. I don't know, I got juiced when I seen the title, but "Bobby V" just didn't do it for me. Now, you know "Beenie Man" aint never gonna come whack, and if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't of liked this track. "So Bad", aint that bad, but it's not as good as it should, but "Bobby V" always keeps it hood.


"Reggae/Dance Hall" Artist "Movado" 
"Fly Again"


"Reggae" Artist "Etana"
"People Talk"
(Official Video)
Off "Free Expressions" Album 

Twitter: @EtanaStrongOne


"Lil Kim" Feat. "Rihanna"
 "Man Down" (Reggae Remix) 

I've been hate'n on everything coming out of "Rhianna's" mouth this year. I don't know if it's the "illuminati" business she got going on, or if she just sucks, but I did like "Man Down". But, it's probably cuz it's got a heavy reggae feel, but it kinda loses it's appeal, cuz the auto-tune keeps it from sounding real, but if this was a deck of cards, I would deal.