"50 Cent
"What Up Gangsta" (Pt 2

"50 Cent" tries to make a dollar out of some old "50 Cent". Bringing it back and still making it clap, "50 Cent" remakes one of his classics "What Up Gangsta". I just hope he doesn't try to remake "Wanksta".

"What Up Gangsta" (Pt 2) 

"What Up Gangsta" (Pt 1) 


"J. Valentine" ft "Pleasure P" & "Chris Brown
"Beat It Up"

(LoveRance Remake)

Eh, okay-okay, I know I'm late, but betta late then never or ever. So, 
"J. Valentine" ft "Pleasure P" & "Chris Brown" on the re-make the "Bay's" own "LoveRance's" smash, "Up" better known as (I'll  Beat The P***y Up), and with "Chris Brown" on the track, he might could lick my neck and my back.

LoveRance, YG (Remix) 
"Beat It Up" 
Feat. Bow Wow, Chris Brown 

LoveRance,IMSU & Skipper
"Up" (Beat The P**** Up) 

(Official Video)


"Drake" & "The Weeknd"
"Trust Issues" (Pt. 2) (I'm On One)


"Drake" Trust Issues " (Part 1)


"Da Brat" ft. "Jermaine Dupri"
 "Look At Me Now" (Remake)
(Over "Chris Brown's" Beat "Look At Me Now")

Plus, For Old Skool "Brat" Heads
"Funkdafied" (Video)
"That's What I'm Looking For" (Video) 
"Give It 2 You" (Video) 

Honestly, if I got to hear a producer rap, I'd rather heer "Jermaine Dupri" over "Swizz Beatz" or "Timbaland". My girl "Da  Brat", is back on the scene, after being released from prison February 28, 2011

This is what the female rap game needed. Someone whith no gimmicks and all flows. I'm glad "Jermaine Dupri" kept it real, with one of the reasons why he eats such good meals. "Da Brat" was he meal ticket way back, and I'm glad to see his integrity and friendship did not lack. He said it's gonna be a "SoSo Def" summer, and with "Da Brat" back, I believe dat.

"Chris Brown"
"Look At Me Now" 
ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes 

"Funkdafied" (1994) 

(Official Video)

"That's What I'm Looking For" 
(Official Video)

"Give It 2 You"

(Official Video)


"Lil Wayne"
Support'n The "GreenBay Packers
"Green & Yellow" (Freestyle 2011) 

Uh, Huh You Know What It Is!
"Go Green Bay"


Uh, Hugh You Know What It Is,
 I'm Good Cuz I'm living My Life Handling My Biz
"Black & Yellow"
(Wiz Khalifa Remake)


"Spice 1" Feat "Twista" & "The Game
On A Remix Of His Classic
"Trigga Gots No Heart
Off HIs "187 He Wrote" Album 


Spice 1 - Trigga Gots No Heart 

(Official Video)


"Ray Charles" Granddaughter "Blair Robinson
"BR" ft. "Ya Boy"
"Drake" "Fancy" (Remake)
(Official Video)


Drake & Trey Songz 


Is The Next In Line To Rap About Get'n Some Behind
"Ja Rule",& The "The Game" Did The Same
"Pushn It"

I'mma keep it real, cuz that's da only way I can deal. I used to like "Shyne" and I'm try'n to relight the fire we once had, but he could not be whispering in my ear, try'n to be my baby dad. Just aint gonna happen captain.


"Jay Z" Drove "Lil Kim" To The Station
& Signed Her With "Rock Nation"

Looks like "Lil Kim's" is gonna be back to make'n sprite cans disappear. Looks like she's gonna be hook'n up with "Jay Z" and joining the "Roc Nation"  A couple of tracks have hit the net including the remake of "Waka Flocka Flame's"  “O Let's Do It” and ya'll probably already heard “Pu**y  Purr” and “Sex Toy”. "Jay Z' is said to be the Executive Producer on her new album so you know it's gonna crack.

"Lil Kim"
"Oh Let's Do It" (Remake)