"Eminem" Ft. "Rihanna"
"The Monster"


"Wale" - "LoveHate Thing" (Official Lyric Video)
"Wale" Ft. "Rihanna" - "Bad" (Remix)
"Wale" Ft. "Wiz Khalifa" & "2 Chainz" - "Rotation"

"LoveHate Thing"
 (Official Lyric Video)

"Wale" Ft. "Rihanna"
"Bad" (Remix)

"Wale" Ft. "Wiz Khalifa" & "2 Chainz"


"Nobody's Business" Ft "Chris Brown
 "No Love Allowed
"Diamonds" (Remix) Ft "Kanye West"
"Numb" Ft "Eminem

HAAAAAATTTTTEEEED IT!!! Two snaps in a circle, give it a big thumbs down, like Urkel. Man, ya'll know I'm a sucka for love, and "Nobody's Business", did not make me feel like getting some numb.

Really, I thought "Chris Brown" would bring "Rihanna" back from this techno crap, but I see he's gone, too

See kids, what love will do to you. Love will make you do right, but in this case it made them do wrong with this song.

As for me, myslef and Imean, I'm glad they're back together on the scene. They were always one of the cutest couples in the industry and I hate how their story went down, but now they have a chance to make history and re-write the love story of their life any way they like. ------>>>>I Wish Them Well...

"Rihanna" Ft "Chris Brown"
"Nobody's Business

"No Love Allowed

"Rihanna" Ft "Kanye West"
 "Diamonds" (Remix) 

"Rihanna" Ft "Eminem



"Diamonds" (Official Video) 
"Lost In Paradise"

(Official Video) 

"Lost In Paradise"

I haven't been feeling "Rihanna" for years, and I don't know if its since that whole "Chris Brown" drama, but I just don't dig her. I did get a different view of her after her interview with "Oprah Winfrey", so, I was hoping "Lost In Paradise", would bring me back into the fold and make me a fan, but "Lost In Paradise" was bland

I tried, I really tried. Just couldn't do it, but maybe you can......


"Reggae" Dudes

"Reggae" Artist "Jah Cure" Ft "2Pac" (RIP)
 "All By Myself"
 "Stylez" - "Good Ole A Dweet

"Reggae" Artist "Jah Cure" Ft "2Pac" (RIP)
 "All By Myself"

"Reggae" Artist "Stylez
"Good Ole A Dweet" (Aka Good P*ssy) 

Off "Stylez & Hiz 6ix Diciplez"

Twitter: @IAmStylezMusic


"Rick Ross" Ft. "Rihanna
(Official Remix Video)


"Rihanna" Ft. "Clavin Harris
"We Found Love
(Official Video)

Aiight, so ya'll already know I'm a "Rihanna" hater on and off paper, so ...... I guess you can take what I say with a grain of salt, but ooooooh, it aint my fault!

I don't know which one I dislike more, the video or the song, for me it looks and sounds wrong. Only thing I kept thinking about is I wondered if she was singing about "Chris Brown", cuz dude kinda reminded me of em. Otha than that, this video will not get any play coming from my way

Yea, the video is hella graphic and dark and true to life in someone's life, but not mine. Totally not my get down, and maybe if she wasn't doing all the sex, drugs and alcohol she might not of messed with dude at all. (Things that make you go hmmmmmm) "MEASSAGE"!


"Snoop Dogg"  ft. "Rihanna"
 "California King Bed"
 (Remix Video) 

"Snoop Dogg", comes sweet on the remix of "California King Bed", and I have to be honest, I like this version better instead

See, some people would rather feel lonely with someone laying next to them, then to be lonely cuz you're alone. Me, a house is not a home if you live here, an I still feel alone.

"California King Be" (Original)


"Nicki Minaj" Ft. "Rihanna"
(Official Video)


"Lil Kim" Feat. "Rihanna"
 "Man Down" (Reggae Remix) 

I've been hate'n on everything coming out of "Rhianna's" mouth this year. I don't know if it's the "illuminati" business she got going on, or if she just sucks, but I did like "Man Down". But, it's probably cuz it's got a heavy reggae feel, but it kinda loses it's appeal, cuz the auto-tune keeps it from sounding real, but if this was a deck of cards, I would deal.