"Slim Dunkin
Ft "Waka Flocka", "Alley Boy" & "Trouble"
(Official Video)

Check out the last video of "Slim Dunkin" before he was shot and killed at a record studio for a video shoot, over some candy. I believe this is the spot and the video from the day he he was killed. (RIP)


"Nicki Minaj
"We Miss You

Just a few days after the murder of "Nicki Minaj's" cousin Nicolas happened, "Nicki Minaj" releases a a never-before-heard song which in some ways depicts the recent tragic loss, but if you listen to the words coming out of her mouth, sounds like a track that has to do with a dude and a chick in a relationship

"We Miss You" samples "Prince's" song "Diamonds and Pearls". It's easy to make something out of nothing, and I'm sure if "Nicki" wanted to honor her slain cousin, she would just do it, and not have to deny she didn't do it. "Why'd you have to leave in July? / On a peaceful and serene summer night," she kicks in before proceeding with the other verses, "You said that you would leave these streets, and I know you didn't mean in a body bag. But now we see you were not bulletproof, and I'm mad 'cause you were the best that I ever had." 

Denying the rumor on Twitter, "Nicki Minaj" tweeted "I wrote & recorded that song on 5/24/2010." She also revealed that the song was originally recorded as a demo for her debut album and was sent to "Mariah Careyand "Keyshia Cole" for a possible feature. "It didn't make "Pink Friday" due to clearance issues," "Nicki" explained.

"Diamonds and Pearls" 


"The Game"
 "All Doggs Go To Heaven
("Nate Dogg" Tribute)


"J.Cole" ft "Notorious B.I.G."  
"Can I Get Witcha"

"J.Cole" ft "Notorious B.I.G." get together on a  new track,  "Can I Get Witcha".  I'mma be honest, I had set my alarm to "Hate" cuz it's a lot of dudes who done did their time, and are scared to get on a"Tupac" or "Biggie" verse. But he held it down and it was cool. 

I know "J. Cole" and "Drake" are hommies, but I don't think "J. Cole" really wants to see "Drake" join "ROC Nation". At first it would be cool cuz "Drake" will bring a cool little spotlight, been then he's gonna steal it, and at least right now, he might not be doing too much in the industry, but at least "J. Cole" is number one on his label.


"Dear Mama" (Video)
"Only God Can Judge Me" (Video)
"I Aint Mad At Cha" (Video)
"I Wonder If Heaven's Got A Ghetto" (Video)
"Holler If You Hear Me" (Video)
"Smile For Me Now" (Video)
"California Love" (Video)
"I Get Around" (Video)
"How Do Yo Want It" (Video)


2Pac and Scarface 
"Smile For Me Now" 

 California Love

 I Get Around

Brenda's Got A Baby

How Do U Want It

 "I Wonder If Heaven's Got A Ghetto"

2Pac Featuring Danny Boy
 "I Ain't Mad At Cha"

"Dear Mama" (Video)

Tupac - Only God Can Judge Me

Holler If Ya Hear Me


"Vallejo's" Best "Mac Dre" (RIP)
"Thizzle Dance" (Video) 
"Feelin' Myself" (Remix-Video) 
"California Livin" (Video)
 "Not My Job" (Video)  
"Crest Got Me Crazy" (LIVE 2002)
 "Get Stupid" (Remix-Video) 
'Too Hard For The Radio" (LIVE in Concert)
 "Stupid Doo Doo Dumb" (Live) 
Mac Dre's Second to last concert @ Tha Wood Shed 


Mac Dre's Second to last concert @ Tha Wood Shed 

Mac Dre 'Too Hard For The Radio' LIVE in Concert 

Mac Dre - Get Stupid (Remix) 

Mac Dre "Stupid Doo Doo Dumb" Live 

"Thizzle Dance"

Mac Dre - Feelin' Myself (Remix) 

Mac Dre - Not My Job  

Mac Dre - California Livin' 

Mac Dre "Crest Got Me Crazy" LIVE 2002 


"Bay Boyz"
"Roach Gigz" Ft "Marlo" & "Young Gully
"The Moment"

Off "Roachy Balboa:2"
Twitter: @roachG

Ya'll know "Raoch Gigz" is my nigz. He's  one of my favorites from "Da Bay" right now. I dig this song he did with "Marlo" & "Young Gully" called  "The Moment" which talks about the death of "Oscar Grant", who was killed two years ago, unarmed, at the Oakland Bart Station, on New Years. Johannes Mesherle, the former California transit police officer was sentenced  to two years with credit for time served for killing "Oscar Grant". No justice no peace. 

I feel "Roach Gigz" and his frustration and anger. This been going on for years, but technology is finally putt'n it as it really is, not as the police say it was. Though the sentence was not just, first time in Oakland that a police officer went on trial for killing a black man. RIP "Oscar Grant".


"Easy E"
"Old Nigga E" (Dank Remix)

Now, don't get me to lying cuz I sure aint try'n, but the original version of "Old Nigga E" was done with "The Game" like two years ago. But for me "Eazy E" never gets old, just like hearing "Tupac" on the track, it brings the days of youth back.

Easy E "Old Nigga E" (Dank Remix)

Eazy E ft The Game 
"Still Cruising" 


Is There A Future For A Killer, I Change My Ways
But Still That Don't Promise Me The Next Day
"Nowhere 2 Run" (Scared 2 Die), 2011

I love it and am bothered all at the same time about "Tupac" still drop'n tracks from the grave. It just shows to the studio he was a slave and all is what he gave. It just shows you can go from being a goofy back up dancer/hype dude for "Digital Underground" and go down in history as one of the greatest. Guess your legacy is yours to make, but do you have what it takes?

"Tupac's" death was such a tragic death, a life gone way too soon. He had so much to say, that some people couldn't feel his real, cuz he was too real to feel.

 "Tupac" either you loved em, or loved to hate em, but no one can duplicate him. After you check it, you have to respect it. I wonder what the "Bay's" rap game would be like if "Tupac" was still here and on his hype?


"Spice 1" ft. "2Pac", "Scarface" & "Devin the Dude"
Real N*ggas's Don't Die The Multiply Like Time Tables
"Rollin' & Smokin"
Off "Spice's" Album "Notorious Bastards"