"Frisco" Rapper "Roach Gigz" Ft. "Kreayshawn"
"P*ssy Magnet"
  (Official Video)

Twitter: @RoachG 

Young emcee Roach Gigz has a certain indescribable charisma that draws the listener toward his light-hearted, dexterous lyrical style and devil-may-care demeanor. Judging by his newest video, this charisma has a pretty clear effect on the ladies. Posted up with a blue sky behind him, feet in the swimming pool, and a red cup in his hand, the California rhymer matter-of-factly spits game about his legendary stature with the opposite sex: "Believe me, I ain't never met a broad who said it wasn't cool." Buddy and fellow Left Coast rapper Kreayshawn backs up his claims as she floats in the middle of the pool, recommending that his certain kind of magnetism should lead you to "put him on the fridge."

"Pu$$y Magnet" is the second peek at Roach's upcoming Roachy Balboa III, which will be released as a free download on July 25th. The album includes features, in addition to Kreayshawn, from Iamsu!, Clyde Carson and Kool John, with production from Nick Catchdubs, DJ Two Stacks, P-Lo, C-Loz, and more. In Roach's eyes, the project demonstrates what makes him stand out: "I think the whole project separates me from the pack honestly. I might rap about some of the same shit everybody enjoys, because I am human too, I just do it cooler."


(11) Bay Tracks, That Crack
"Kool John" Ft. "FLIP", "Salty" & "Deezy Dolla" - "Hit My Phone" "Trackademicks" Ft "iamsu!", "J. Stalin" & "1-O.A.K." -"Crew Thang"
"N-Pire Da Great"  Ft. "Shady Blaze" - "11-9"
"Phase II" ft. "HBK Skipper" - "RPS" (Rock Paper Scissors) 
"Equipto", "Nio Tha Gift" & "JusTme" - "The Rise" "Hopie","Mike-Dash-E" & "Jay Ant" - "We Don't Love Em
"Beasty Juice" Ft. "Armani Depaul" - "Instagram
 "Salty" - "Drunk And Taking Pictures"
"A.B." - "2 or 3 Cars"
"Mistah F.A.B." - "Swear 2 God To An Atheist"

"Nick Jame$" Ft. "Young Gully", & "Turf Talk" - "Westsider" (Rmx) 

"Richmond" Rapper "Kool John
Ft. "FLIP", "Salty" & "Deezy Dolla
"Hit My Phone


Ft. "iamsu!", "J. Stalin" & "1-O.A.K." 
"Crew Thang"

Twitter: @Trackademicks @Iamsu @Jstalinlivewire  @1oak

"N-Pire Da Great"  Ft. "Shady Blaze

Twitter: @NPireDaGreat @ShadyBlaze

"Pittsburg Ca" Rapper "Nick Jame$
Ft. "Young Gully", & "Turf Talk
"Westsider" (Remix) 

Twitter: @WhoIsNickJames  @YoungGully 

"2 or 3 Cars"

Twitter: @ABFiFi & @DJAsap3x

"Phase II" Ft. "HBK Skipper
"RPS" (Rock Paper Scissors) 

Twitter: @TKPhaseII & @HBKSkipper

"Equipto", "Nio Tha Gift", "JusTme
"The Rise

Twitter: @EQUIPTO

"Frisco" Female EMCEE "Hopie", 
"Mike-Dash-E" & "Jay Ant
"We Don't Love Em

Twitter: @HopieSpitshard @MikeDashE & @JayAntMusic

"Beasty Juice" Ft. "Armani Depaul
"Instagram" (No Filters) 

Twitter: @ArmaniDepaul

"Drunk And Taking Pictures"

Twitter: @SaltyIsMyHero

"Oakland" Rapper "Mistah F.A.B." 
"Swear 2 God To An Atheist"

Twitter: @MistahFAB 

What Does Swear To God Means To An Atheist?


"The Bay's"
"Roach Gigz" - "Different" (Official Video)

"Roach Gigz" & "IamSu!" - "Aint A Thing

"Roach Gigz"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @Roach Gigz

"Roach Gigz" & "IamSu!
"Aint A Thing

Off "Darkest Before Dawn" Compilation

Twitter: @Roach Gigz @ IamSu! @DjCosTheKid @SMKA

Darkest Before Dawn, executive produced by Thizzler On The Roof, is a Bay Area compilation set that features some of the most talented up and coming hip-hop artists in the Bay Area including 9 completely new tracks from 15+ different artists produced exclusively by Atlanta-based production collective SMKA. The project was recorded over 4 months in San Francisco at 37 Hundred Studios and was filmed by Left Lane Films to capture the creative process and conception of each record. Artists on the project include: Mistah Fab, Roach Gigz, DaVinci, DB The General, Erk Tha Jerk, iamsu!, Moe Green, Willie Joe, A-1, Young Gully, Shady Blaze, Symba, Zumbi, Richie Cunning, Amaar & Cousin Fik.


(10) "Bay Tracks, That Crack"

"Roach Gigz" - "Murder Scene" (Official Video) 
"Lil B" - "Spontaneous Combustion" (Music Video) 
"DaVinci" Ft. "Freddie Gibbs" - "MYOB
"Tori Quinn" Ft. "JC" - "Act Up
"Chayse Bank" Ft. "Smoovie Baby" - "On"

"That N*gga Drizzle" & "Prince Dirty" - "I'm From Da Town"
"J-Roc" Ft. "Turfeazy" & "Chippas" - "Nothing
Armani Depaul Ft Sage The Gemini & Smoovie Baby "Somthing Strange"
"HD" - "Talent In The Bay"(Official Video)


"Richmond"/"Sic Wid It" Rapper

Twitter: @LarooThh

"Frisco" Rapper "Roach Gigz
"Murder Scene"
(Official Video) 

Off "Bugged Out" Dropping 9.4.12

Twitter: @RoachG

"Berkeley" Rapper "Lil B
"Spontaneous Combustion
(Music Video) 


 "Frisco" Rapper "DaVinci" Ft. "Freddie Gibbs

 "The MOEna Lisa" Drops Oct 17th

Twitter: @DaVinci415 @FreddieGibbs

"Tori Quinn" Ft. "JC
"Act Up

Twitter: @runamukprod's @toriquinn10 & @runamukJC

(510/707) Artist "Chayse Bank" Ft "Smoovie Baby"

Twitter: @ChayseBank @SmoovieBaby

"Oakland" Dudes
"That N*gga Drizzle" & "Prince Dirty"
"I'm From Da Town"


Twitter @datniggadrizzle

"Frisco" Rapper "J-Roc
Ft. "Turfeazy" & "Chippas

@RocBoy874 @Turfeazy @NHTYangChippas

"Richmond" Rapper "Armani Depaul
Ft "Sage The Gemini" & "Smoovie Baby"
 "Somthing Strange"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @ARMANIDEPAUL @SageTheGemini @SmoovieBaby

"Oakland" Rapper
"HD" (President of Bearfaced Ent.)
 "Talent In The Bay"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @HDofBearfaced


(16) Bay Blaps, That Crack

"Clyde Carson
" Ft "The Team"-"Slow Down" (Official Video)
"The Hoodstarz" -"Stack It"
"Erk Tha Jerk" -"Glow In The Dark"
"Mistah Fab" Ft. "SAS Euro Gang" - "I'm In London" (Remix) 
"Young Buck" Ft. "Mistah FAB" - "War Outside
"NhT Boyz" Ft "Mistah F.A.B." - "Why U Hatin"
"Roach Gigz" - "Going Off G.O.
"Stevie Joe"- "I Fell Off

 "DoeBama" - "Stuntin"(Official Video)
"Lil B" (Of The Pack) "Task Force" (Music Video) 
"TH1ZZ" (AKA YT) - "Jose" (Official Video) 
"Jay Ant" "Word 2 Spitta
"Starting Six" Ft "Problem" & "Clyde Carson
"This Ain't Water" (Remix)
"Mike-Dash-E" Ft "YMTK" & "Symba" - "Feel So Close" 
"Nick James" Ft "iamsu!" - "Stuntin"

"Oakland" Rapper "Clyde Carson" Ft "The Team"
"Slow Down
(Official Video)

Twitter: @clydecarson

"The Hoodstarz
"Stack It

Off "A Hundred Planes"

Twitter: @TheHoodstarz

New leak off the "A Hundred Planes" soundtrack, presented by "Messy Marv" aka "The Boy Boy Young Mess", from "Scoot" and "Bandaide" of "Dem Hoodstarz"!

"Richmond, CA" Rapper "Erk Tha Jerk
"Glow In The Dark"
(Official Video) 

Off "Thirds Eye View"

Twitter: @erkthajerk

So, if you aint heard it, here's your chance to see it, but I'mma be honest, I wish a n*gga would light up my life and make me glow in the dark, I'd be on him like a pedaphile in the park. (lol)

From the album "Thirds Eye View" comes "Glow In The Dark" dir by J.Sutherland.

"Mistah Fab" Ft. "SAS Euro Gang
"I'm In London" (Remix) 

Twitter: @MistahFAB

"Young Buck" Ft. "Mistah FAB
"War Outside

Twitter: @MistahFAB

"E. Oakland" Dudes "NhT Boyz" Ft "Mistah F.A.B." 
"Why U Hatin

Twitter: @NhTboyz

"Oakland/Livewire CEO" "J. Stalin


"J Stalin" has a new album called "Memoris of a Curb Server" available right now. Check out his new video called "Money & B*tches" produced by J Wess.

"Frisco" Rapper "Roach Gigz
"Going Off G.O.

Off "Bugged Out" Dropping August 21st

Twitter: @roachg

Bay Area rapper "Roach Gigz" is excited to announce an August 21st release date for his official debut album, "Bugged Out". Today, "Roach" is excited to release the album's latest video, for the song "Going Off".

For "Bugged Out", "Roach Gigz" will release the album directly to fans through his own imprint, Goomba Music, with the digital version being 100% free. It's a decision "Roach" made not out of necessity but desire. "I'm going to release "Bugged Out" for free," says "Roach", "because that's how I got to where I am now: by making it as easy as possible for my diehard fans to get my music." He continues, "I sell out shows; I sell out merch; I sell limited-edition physical copies – the support of my fans allows me to do this for them."

Those fans are no doubt familiar with "Roach's" penchant for creative titles, and with "Bugged Out", "Roach" continues to show off his fun personality. "The title, "Bugged Out", it plays off my name, and it's just honestly how I feel a lot of the time," says "Roach". "Musically, it's like a compilation of everything that results in me being a bugged out individual, as well as some of the repercussions and experiences that have come from me being who I am. People look at me as different, but instead of being insecure or ashamed of it, I'm proud of it – I'm Bugged Out."

"Bugged Out" may be "Roach's" first official LP, but it's his fifth solo release to date, and with that comes continued artistic growth, not just lyrically, where he's always been strong, but in his abilities as a songwriter. He cites songs like "Me And My Gin", where he takes listeners on a drive through his city as he reflects on his surroundings, or lead single "Wasabi", which has become a Bay Area anthem, regularly played on Bay Area radio station 106 KMEL, as examples of his strengthened abilities. 

And while "Roach" feels that his songwriting has improved with the new album, he's also taken a looser overall approach to the way he puts together his music, focusing on making a collection of songs that he likes, rather than catering to outside opinions. "I feel like, fuck it," he says, I'm gonna do what I do, and that's a little of everything, musically and lyrically."

A perfect example is "Going Off" compared to "Wasabi" ,"Going Off" plays more as a warm-up track, in the vein of previous fan-favorite "Can I Rap", as "Roach" attacks the song's bouncy production for three unrelenting minutes. 

"East Oakland" Rapper "Stevie Joe"
"I Fell Off

Twitter: @StevieJoe800

"ATNT" (All Trappin No Talkin) Rapper "DoeBama
(Official Video)

Off "Operation Take Over A.T.N.T ENT.

Twitter: @doebama_atnt

"Berkeley" Rapper "Lil B" (Of The Pack)
 "Task Force
(Music Video) 


"los Angeles" Rapper "TH1ZZ" (AKA YT)
 (Official Video) 

Twitter @TH1ZZ 

(He's Not From The Bay, But I Digs Him This Way)

"Richmond/Hercules" Rapper "Jay Ant
"Word 2 Spitta

"Wake Up, To Get Your Cake Up"

Twitter: @jayantmusic

New one for sir "Jay Anthony" the 3rd, produced by himself, quoting some Currensy the Hot Spitta. "Word 2 Spitta", this is kinda that sh*tta.

"Starting Six" Ft. "Problem" & "Clyde Carson
"This Ain't Water" (Remix)


Uh oh...the hambots have another hit for the radio station! For the remix they recruited LA's "Problem" and the Bay's "Clyde Carson". 

"Mike-Dash-E" Ft. "YMTK" & "Symba
"Feel So Close

Twitter: @MikeDashE

New slapper from independent Filipino rapper, song writer & artist, "Mike-Dash-E", who is the founder of "3 Up Clothing"; features "YMTK" (young Murph The Kid) and the Bay's "Symba", on "Feel So Close", which was produced by the City Nights Legend DJ ASAP

"Bay Dudes" "Nick James" Ft. "iamsu!

Twitter: @whoisnickjames


"Frisco" Rapper
"Roach Gigz
"Make It Happen

Off "Hot Air Balloons & Cinnamon Sticks"

OK, this is what DA HELL I'm talking about!!!! This is the "Roach Gigz" that I know and love. He about to turn back into my favorite "Bay Area" rapper. He's been missing-n-action for me for a little while, but this is getting back to his roots, back to his beginning when he was winning, and this is an example of why I liked him in the first place.

He had me in here shaking my imaginary dreads and I was really in here trying to "Make It Happen". <Cuz its SLAP'N!


"Bay Dudes"
"Philthy Rich" ft. "Roach Gigz" & "Berner"
 "Light It Up" (Remix) 
"Roach Gigz"-"Straight Gin

Twitter: @philthyrichFOD 

Roach Gigz 
"Straight Gin


(415) "Frisco, Ca" Rapper "Roach Gigz
(Official Video)
Twitter: @roachgigz


"Bobby Brackins
ft. "The Bay's" "Iamsu" & "Roach Gigz
"Golden State"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @BobbyBrackins

"Bobby Brackins" hooked up with "Bay Area" rappers "IamSu" & "Roach Gigz" on this video filmed in the "Bay" called "Golden State". 

Looks like a "Bay" version of "Drakes's" song "Motto", except they rep'd the "Bay" instead of just mentioning the "Bay".


"Frisco" Rappers
"Roach Gigz" Feat. "San Francisco"

"San Francisco" rapper "Roach Gigz" drops some "9er" love, to become the new street anthem for the "9er's" after their play off win over "New Orleans/Saints" on Saturday. 

It was a great game, and ya'll know I'm "Bay" all the way, but I did kinda want the "Saints" to win. I'm an underdog rooter, but I'm for the "Bay" all day everyday,except that day.