"Sean Garrett" ft "Drake"
 "Feel Love"
Off His New Album "Courtesy Of"



"Sean Garrett" Features "Nicki Minaj
"Get It All



"Sean Garrett"



"Usher" Features "Sean Garrett" & "Nicki Minaj"
On The "Little Freak" (Remix)


"Usher" & "Nicki Minaj" (Video) "Lil Freak"


For So Long She Been Playing Hard to Get 
Front'n Every Time She Get Intimate
Say'n How She Save'n It For Someone Special
What Is This House Phone Is Ringing 
Someone Is Knock'n Hard At My Door
Look Through The Peep Can't Believe It's This Virgin
Normally I Don't Get Down Like This
But I Couldn't Sleep I Was Feeling So Lonely
Pulling Me In I Just Want You to Hold Me
Give Me Something Comfy That I Could Go Change In
I Was Thinking "Lay Down" Lay Down For Me
Let Me Saddle Up Before You Get Up On Me

"Lay Down" disappointed me. I was hella excited to hear "112" and i like "Sean Garrett" but "Slim's" high @ss voice singing the hook just kinda got me shook. but I like the chorus. "Layd Down" had the opposite effect on me cuz all I wanted to do was GET UP.


"Nicki Minaj" & "Sean Garrett"
Drop Their VIdeo For "Massive Attack"
But It Was A Massive Piece Of Crap

Are you guys for real? This is what we waited for? Man, I don't know why I was try'n to give the "Massive Attack" video a chance when the song already did not make me want to dance. 


"Nicki Minaj" & "Sean Garrett"
The Club Got Ditches & They Dig It Up
"Massive Attack"

"Nicki Minaj" drops her first single called "Massive Attack" off her upcoming album, which features Sean Garett, and the video will  be premiering this week some time. Really aint feel'n "Massive Attack" it made me feel bloated and I had a "Massive Attack" of gas, and on this I'm gonna have to pass. Hope the video is worth watch'n cuz in my car this song will not be knock'n.


I Want To Lay Down In Your Lap, 
(In You) In Your Lap, (Just You) In Your Lap 
Hit It Good And Take A Nap (Oh)
I'm Already Ready
I'm Gone Have You On Your Back
Say'n I Got Everything Ready Say'n
 You Get Up In My Lap

"Sean Garrett" don't sound like he looks. I'd think he was a rapper or a football player before I think singer but time and time again he surprises me with a win. Though I'm not too impressed with "Plies" verse on "Lay U Down" I love "Sean Garrett's" voice and what he talk'n bout.


(I Know You Love Her, But I Love You)She Coat My Face Like A Kodak 
I Could Shake The Weather
A Storm Had Nothing On This Chick Name Heather 
Every Time I Seen Her It Was Just Like A Break Up 
You Know How N*ggas & Girls 
How They Quit & Then They Make Up

"Nicki Minaj" & "Sean Garrett" come with a light weight slumpa called "Get It All" and without listening to it you already know what it is. "Get It All' is cool, I like it but don't love it. I do like the way "Sean Garrett" raps though.


Girl It's Obvious Ur Buddy, 
Want To Do Something To Me
And Yes, It's Obvious 
I'm Trying to Get U Over Here 2 Me
Won't Play With Your Head 
I Want To Get Up In Ur Heart