"Oakland" Rapper "Ike Dola"
"Fool Wit Da Tool"
(Snippet Music Video)


"Ice Cube"
Drops three trailers for his latest videos:
"She Couldn't Make It On He Own", 
"Ya'll Know How I Am", & "Too West Coast"
All taken from his upcoming album 
"I Am The West"



"Rick Ross"
"Bust Your Heart"

Uh, though I can't deney "Rick Ross" so bust his lyrics, but bet his big butt is bust'n more than hearts. He probably bust'n chairs, bed frames, and the seam of his pants like "Fat Kev" do'n the "Get Low" dance. (RIP)


"Lil Wayne
Let's Loose A Snippet Of His New Single
I Make Her Say My Name In Capital Letters
I'm A Nasty Guy, Don't Ask Me Why
Just Ask Me How, & I'll Show You Proud
Her Head Is Gone, She's In The Cloud
And When She Rains, Man She Pours Down
And I Be The Fella, Without An Umbrella
Ma You're Finer Than A Wine Cellar

Ended too quick for me to decide if I liked it or not. The techno type beat I wasn't feel'n and his rhymes sounded like out takes that didn't make it on another song.


"Kanye West"
(Video Snippet)



Lets Lose Of A Snippet Of His New Song
"Fun Fun Fun"
Off The New Animated Movie 
"Despicable Me"



"Lil Wayne" & "Shanell"
"Video Teaser For 

Out of all the chicks he could of picked, he picks this. "Lil Wayne" got some bad babies mama's in his stable like "Toya", "Nivea", and "Nu-Nu" (Lauren London) but this is who he attached his wagon to to give the dragon too, boooooo! So anyhoo "Lil Wayne" and his nose chain wearing girlfriend "Shanell" who is "D Wood's" from "Danity Kane's" sister, drop a little teaser which I'm sure really pleased her. For their "Runnin" video off his "Rebirth" album.


"Lil Wayne"
"Da Da Da" (Video) Snippet
4th Single Off The "Rebirth" Album



"Puffy"& Dirty Money Joins "Nicki Minaj" & "Rick Ross" "Hello Good Morning" (Remix)

Everyone know what the truth regardless who's on it "Hello Good Morning" is bootsie! I didn't think the remix could be no worst, but it is.

"Hello Goodmorning" Live On "American Idol"

"Hello Good Morning" (Original) Featureing "TI"

"Hello Good Morning" (Video) Snippet


"Usher" & "Nicki Minaj" Give A Sneak Peak Of
"Lil Freak" 

The director of "Usher's" new video "Lil Freak" which features "Nicki Minaj" has said this is "Usher's" most sexiest video yet. "Ciara" & "Jamie Foxx" make cameos in "Lil Freak". Suprised that "Stevie Wonder" released the beat for "In The City" for "Palow Da Don" to tweak.