"40 Glocc" Ft. 
"Snoop Dogg", "Too Short", "Xzibit", & "Sevin
 "Welcome To California
 (Official Remix Video) 

"40 Glocc" Album "New World Agenda" Dropping Soon

Welcome To The Bay, Mane
You A Long Way From LA Mane

This is for the "West Side-West Side". Yeah, welcome to California. Ya'll know Im kiss'n and hugg'n all over this! I'm in here got my fingers tied, throw'n up the "W" rep'n my coast, where we keep it pop'n like toast. They got so many cameos in here, it's ridiculous.
D-Bo, Kurupt, Ice T, Master P, Alchemist, MC Eight, Dub C, Ice Cube, Daz Dillinger, Dogg Pound, The Jacka, Mistah Fab, Don P, Philthy Rich and way more than I an mention. All I got to say from the "Bay" to "LA", "Yeah, welcome to California".


"Snoop Dogg
"Light That Sh*t Up


"Snoop Dogg
"Have A Blast"
(Official Video) 

Yabba-Dabba-Dont. I'm really upset with this! Ya'll know I'll rep some "Snoop" but this right here makes me feel like I stepped in poop. Who does that? 

Well, let me quit hate'n cuz I'm sure he's getting paid loot to boot, for this video shoot, but DAMN IT GINA!  Let's just say, I did not have a blast and from the looks of this video, I DONT WANT TO!.


"Snoop Dogg" Ft. 'Wiz Khalifa"
"This Weed Iz Mine


"Snoop Dogg" Ft "Young Jeezy" & "E-40
"My Fucn House
(Official Video)

"Snoop Dogg’s" album "The Doggumentary" will  hit stores yesterday, March 29.


"Snoop Dogg" Ft "Mr Porter"
"My Own Way
(Official Video)


This beat is so cut-throat-killer that "Snoop" couldn't of even cam no realer. This beat is a savage! And "Snoop Dogg" rocked it, and yes, I jock'd it. Man, "Snoop" is one of them rappers who are truly blessed to be rock'n the mic since 92-to this day.

"My Own Way" is off of "Snoop Dogg's" New Album "DOGGUMENTARY" IN STORES MARCH 29.


"Snoop Dogg"
 "Keep Going"


"Snoop Dogg" ft. "Wiz Khalifa"
"Young, Wild & Free"
Roll One Some One, When You Live Like This, 
You're Supposed To Party

I liked this right here. Straight party song. Man, this is some of that I'm gett'n on my level, you get on yours and we'll see what happens when you're coming through the doors. "Young Wild & Free" is how life should be. 


"Snoop Dogg"
 "I Don't Need No B*tch
Featuring "Devin the Dude" & "Kobe Honeycutt" 
(Official Video)

Upcoming album, "Doggumentary", in stores March 29.

New singles Available on iTunes: "Platinum"

"Gangbang Rookie" http://bit.ly/fwuQ98



"Snoop Dogg", "Wiz Khalifa" & "The Game"
 "Purp & Yellow"
 LA Leakers SKEETOX Remix
(Official Remix Laker's Video)

Uh hugh, you know what it is. "Purp & Yellow". Cuz I stay on this side of "The Bay" it's mandatory that I rep everything out this way, so "Go Lakers" is all I got to say. 

The video is cool, I love the cameos from some of the "Laker's" players, make it a lil more legit for that ring to fit.