Old Skool Producer/Rapper "Timbaland"

"The Party Anthem" Ft. Lil Wayne, T-Pain & MissyElliott
"White Wedding"

Timbaland Ft. Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Missy Elliott
"The Party Anthem"

"White Wedding"


"Rick Ross
"Amsterdam" (Official video) 

"Bag Of Money" (Remix) 
Ft. Rick Ross, T-Pain, Omarion, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, & French Montana 

"Bag Of Money" (Remix) 
Ft. Rick Ross, T-Pain, Omarion, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, & French Montana 

"Rick Ross
(Official video) 


"Bow Wow" Ft. "T-Pain
 [Official Video] 


"T-Pain"- "Separated"  [OFFICIAL VIDEO] 
T-Pain feat. Ne-Yo-"Turn All the Lights On"
T-Pain & Chuckie ft. Pitbull -"Its Not You (Its Me)" 

"rEVOLVEr" drops Dec 6

Tell'n ya'll. I like "T-Pain" singing, more than I like him rap'n

For me, aint nothing sweeter, than a man who's sweet on chick. <<SEXAY!

"Separated" video is for the fans, but this track will not be on "rEVOLVEr".

Pre Order "rEVOLVEr" now on iTunes @ http://bit.ly/revolveritunes

rEVOLVEr Tracklist:

1. Bang Bang Pow Pow feat. Lil Wayne
2. Bottlez feat. Detail
3. Its Not You (Its Me) T-Pain Vs. Chuckie feat. Pitbull
4. Default Picture
5. 5 O'Clock feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen
6. Sho-time (Pleasure Thang)
7. Rock Bottom
8. Look At Her Go feat. Chris Brown
9. Mix'd Girl
10. I Don't Give A Fuk
11. Drowning Again feat. One Chance
12. When I Come Home
13. Best Love Song feat. Chris Brown
14. Turn All The Lights On feat. Ne-Yo


15. Center Of The Stage feat. R Kelly & Bei Maejor
16. Regular Girl
17. Nuthin' feat. E-40 & Detail

T-Pain feat. Ne-Yo 
"Turn All the Lights On"

T-Pain vs Chuckie feat. Pitbull 
"Its Not You (Its Me)" 


"T Pain" Ft "Tay Dizm
"Never Leave Her
(Official Video) 

Off "Revolver" In Stores Dec 6th

Twitter: @TAYDIZM


"T-Pain"  feat. "Lil Wayne
"Bang Bang Pow Pow

Off "Revolver" Out Dec. 6th

"T-Wayne" are back at it again. "T-Pain"  features "Lil Wayne" on his latest track "Bang Bang Pow Pow", on his new album "Revolver", dropping December 6th.

Not a "T-Pain" fan, and after a while, his voice starts to annoy me, but I do like when he takes it slow and saaaangs with a little love, though. I think his new album is gonna be half way crack'n, though.


(Official Video)

"rEVOLVER" Drops December 6th

See, I knew it was too good to be true, I started looking at "T-Pain" like he could be my boo. I'm lying, but I sure was trying. (lol) 

I've liked the last 3 songs, that  I've heard from his new album "rEVOLVER", which drops December 6th, but I aint feel'n dis!

The video and the track at least match, because they're both whack! I know you got to grow and evolve as an artist, but it seems like somethings missing. Oh, yea. The reason he got famous "Autotune". I aint hate'n cuz that was wreck'n my nerves, too, but I got to hear how the whole album sounds, before I put on my soot and clown.


"T-Pain" Ft "Detail
(Official Video)
"T-Pain" ft "Dawn"
(Official Video)

Off "rEVOLVEr" Drops December 6th"

T-Pain feat. Dawn 

Off The prEVOLVEr Mixtape


"T-Pain" Ft. "One Chance"
"Drowning Again
(Official Video)

Maaaaaaaaaaaan, love this right here! I could say "love" 100 times and it would not express how much I like "Drowning Again"

 I think "T-Pain"missed his calling. I like him singing way more than I like him rapping. I was feeling this. I know what it feels like to be drowning in love and then drowning without that love in your life, just aint right. I had butterflies in my stomach listening to "Drowning Again" with one man on my mind, but I aint on his. (love this).

BEAUTIFUL SONG! Left me with too many thoughts on my mind, and when it was over I pressed rewind. Good job "T-Pain"! i felt the sunshine & the rain mixed with a little pain.

"Drowning Again" featuring "One Chance" off "T-Pain's" upcoming 4th album "rEVOLVEr" that drops on Dec 6. "T-Pain" conceptualized, directed and edited the video, he also produced and wrote the song and played piano.

So, he get's all da dough.


"T-Pain" Feat. "Wiz Khalifa"  & "Lily Allen"
"5 OClock

Man, aint nothing sexay about "T-Pain", but "Timmy Lee" swears by "5 OClock", she even got it as a ring-tone, so I had to listen and see what's the hype, but just did not like

Now, "Wiz" could get da biz and if he wasn't on the track, "5OClock", would of been a wrap.