"Jadakiss" Ft "The Dream" - "Big Boy Dialogue"
"The Dream" Ft "Pusha T" & "Big Sean"- "P#ssy" (Explicit)

"The Dream" Ft. "Beyonce" &  "2 Chainz" - "Turnt"

"Jadakiss" Ft "The Dream
"Big Boy Dialogue"

"The Dream" Ft "Pusha T", "Big Sean"
(Explicit Video)

UUmmmmmm........, Yes sir. NO HOMO, but if you haven't watched this video, fellas, you don't know what you're missing. All I can say is she's a damn fool, and she do it, cuz she can, damn!!!!!!!!

"The Dream" Ft. "Beyonce" &  "2 Chainz"


"The Dream

"Real" Ft. "Pharrell"
"Ghetto" Ft Big Sean"
"Used To Be"

Off "1977" Mix Tape

Man, I could of sworn that "The Dream"  said he was retiring. I figured he'd keep writing and producing, but in the words of "Marvin Gay", think he betta let it go, let it go........ "Real", just didn't feel to real to me. I mean, I don't know why everyone wants to be hard and act like they got killers on the team and are doing big thangs. I mean, that's obvious, but "The Dream" is a lover not a fighter, so be who you are. "Ghetto" is more like where he needs to be, but I don't know if I'm dig'n that either, but "Used To Be" is da one, son! Loved it, it's real talk off da block, he's keep'n it real, and do'n how he do.

"The Dream's" album "Diary Of A Madman" put on hold, as I was told.

01. Wake Me When It’s Over
02. Used to Be
03. Long Gone
04. Ghetto (Feat. Big Sean)
05. Wedding Crasher
06. Rolex (Feat. Casha)
07. Silly (Introducing Casha)
08. 1977 (Miss You Still)
09. Wish You Were Mine
10. Real

11. Form of Flattery

"The Dream" Ft. "Pharrell"

"The Dream" "Ft Big Sean"

"The Dream" 
"Used To Be


"Kelly Rowland" ft. "The-Dream" & "Lil Wayne" "Motivation" (Remix) 
"Motivation" (Explicit) ft. "Lil Wayne
(Official Video)


Kelly Rowland

 Motivation (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne 

(Official Video)


"T.I." Ft. "The-Dream
"No Mercy
[Official Video] 
"No Mercy" Album Dropped In Stores Dec 7th

I don't know why but to me "TI" just aint that guy. I used to dig everything that came out of his sexy @ss mouth but lately I aint feel'n nothing coming out. Maybe that jail bird look, got me shook, but I aint feel'n him like a geography book. 


"The Dream
"Ever Since"
Forever Since, Forever Since 
You've Been My Girl
Girl You Know You Got My Number

Man, I can sooooooo understand why "The Dream" want to retire cuz dis sh*t right here, dis sh*t right here sound like either he cut his nuts off or they aint grew in yet. "Ralph Tresvant" didn't sing this high on "Candy Girl". "Ever Since" sucks! It's true not twooo. 


"TI" & "The Dream"
Drop Their Video For 
"Make Up Bag"

"The-Dream" who's government name is Terius Nash and is also known as "Scardy Cat" plays the character "Claxton Black" in his new video for the second single off his "Love King" album called “Make-up Bag”, which features "TI". The video has some cameos by "Selita Ebanks" as Chanel, "Jason Weaver" as M.T. Pockets., and of course "T.I." as himself.

Guess when things get rough in imaginary land with a chick "The-Dream"? and "T.I." drop a few stacks on a "Make Up Bag".


"The Dream"
She Aint Going Nowhere Pattna
She Stay'n Right Here
Baby Girl
I Don't Know Why You Look'n 
Can't You See Aint Nothing Cook'n 
Got Her Rapped Around My Finger
Sewed Up Like A Singer
I Make Every N*gga Irrelevant I'm
"Sex Intelligent"

Man, "The Dream" be sending me through mixed emotions. When "Sex Intelligent" started ya'll know I set my alarm to wake me up to hate, but as I kept listening to the words I kinda got sprung on da hook and I guess I like "Sex Intelligent". At this point in my life I'm a little sex retarded and need to get some one on one therapy to catch me up with the rest of the class. Rumor has it that "TI' is supposed to get up on this, but I like it just as it is.


Can't No Chick Past Or Present Get On 
So, What Da Hell Is Wrong With 
"The Dream"?

I'm just wondering if it was crack or meth that "The Dream" was smoke'n when he thought he was gonna re-make a classic like "One In A Million". I'm sure it was good in thought but lacked plot and he should have got stopped. #1 I hope this don't set off the green light for everybody and they mama think'n they fitt'n to re-make all of "Aaliyah's" songs. #2 who told him that he could really sing these high notes and get away with it. #3 Why would you ruin this song by changing it and making it sound like crap. Man, I can't wait till "The Dream" retires!

"Aaliyah" (Video) "One In A Million"


"Lloyd Banks" Features
 Ludacris, The Dream, Jadakiss, Yo Gotti 
"Beamer,Benz Or Bentley" (Remix)


"Lloyd Banks"
 "Beamer, Benz, or Bentley" (The Lost Verse)
From The "50 Cent" & "G-Unit" BISD Tour 
In Paris-France

"Lloyd Banks" &"Juelz Santana"
 "Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley" 
(Original Video)


"The Dream" & "Ludacris"
"Love King" Remix Video

See, this is what I'm talk'n bout when you do a remix you do a remix. I hate when the original artist don't re-do their part and just slap someone new on the track and call it a remix. That's hella lazy. Like "Love King" remix 100 times betta than the original.

Sorry ya'll the full video got yanked,
 so I re-posted a snippet version.

"The Dream" Original Video "Love King"