"T.I."  Ft. "Doe B"  (RIP Doe B)
"Flying With Angels"


"The Way We Ride" (Explicit)


Shad Da God Ft T.I.  - "Ball Out" (Explicit Official Video)
T.I. Ft Birdman & Lil Wayne - "Have It Your Way"

Shad Da God Ft T.I.  
"Ball Out" 
(Explicit Official Video)

T.I. Ft Birdman & Lil Wayne 
"Have It Your Way"


"T.I." Ft - "Lil Wayne" - "Wit Me" (Official Explicit Video)
"Big Kuntry King" Ft "TI" - "Kickin Flav" (Official Video) 
 "T.I.", "B.o.B", "Kendrick Lamar" - "Memories Back Then" (Official Video)
"J. Cole" - Ft "Kendrick Lamar" -"Forbidden Fruit"
"J. Cole" Ft "TLC" - "Crooked Smile

"T.I." Ft. "Lil Wayne
"Wit Me
(Official Video)

"Big Kuntry King" Ft "TI
"Kickin Flav"  
(Official Video)

 "T.I.", "B.o.B" & "Kendrick Lamar"
"Memories Back Then"

 (Official Video)

"J. Cole" Ft. "Kendrick Lamar"
"Forbidden Fruit

"J. Cole" Ft "TLC"
"Crooked Smile"


I'm A Little Late, But Still Worth Posting

"Chris Brown" - "As Your Friend"
"Miguel" - "On These Wings"
"TI" & "Pink" - "Guns N Roses"
"Snoop Lion" Ft "Mavado" & "Popcaan" - "Lighters Up"
"Anthony Hamilton" & "Elayna Boynton" - "Freedom
"50 Cent" Ft "Eminem", "Adam Levine" - "My Life"
"Major Distribution" -"50 Cent" Ft "Snoop Dogg" & "Young Jeezy"

HATTTTTEEEEEED IT!! I swear, when you hear a song and instantly start praying, that's when you know its bad. "Rihanna" got "Chris Brown's" head spinning in a direction he does not need to go. I can not stand this techno crap, but people must, cuz him, Usher, Rihanna, Ne-Yo and everyone else is doing it!!!!

"Chris Brown"
"As Your Friend"

"On These Wings"

 "TI" & "Pink"
"Guns And Roses"

Man, swear "TI" read my brain. I'm am going through it, right now, and his first verse just said it. Took the words, right ut of my mind. <<LOVE THIS!!!!!!

"Snoop Lion" Ft "Mavado" & "Popcaan"
"Lighters Up"

"Anthony Hamilton" & "Elayna Boynton"
(From "Django Unchained")

"50 Cent" Ft "Eminem", "Adam Levine"
"My Life"
(Official Video)

"50 Cent" Ft "Snoop Dogg" & "Young Jeezy"
"Major Distribution"


"Go Get It"
 [Official Video] 


"I Don't Like" (Remix) 


"Trey Songz"
"Dive In"
"Trey Songz" Ft. "T.I." 
"2 Reasons" (Official Video)

Ummmmmmmmmm, yeah!!!!! Ladies and gentlemen please grab your life jackets before you press play, cuz "Trey Songz" is about to take you deep in the world of pleasure in search for buried treasure.

"Dive In" kinda reminds me of a "R Kelly" type joint, and I hope you get the point.....

"Trey Songz"
"Dive In"

"Trey Songz" Ft. "T.I.
"2 Reasons"
(Official Video)

"Go Get It


"DJ Drama
Ft. "Future", "Young Jeezy", "T.I." & "Ludacris"  
"We In This B*tch"
(Official Video)

"DJ Drama" Ft "Drake" & "Future
"We In This B*tch 1.5"

"DJ Drama" Ft "Drake" & "Future"
"We In This B*tch1.5"

"Drake" shouts out to all the chicks playing their positions. He don't want a good chick, because she clings too much, he wants a hood chick, who tells em he sings too much". <<WOW! Is he foreal

This is the same dude that damn near cried about a chick doing him wrong on almost every song on his last album. 

This fool cried so much it made me uncomfortable and I couldn't listen to it. (lol) "Drake" would not last more than one night with a hood chick, cuz she wouldn't care if you're rich, if you act like a b*tch, find yourself waking up in a ditch, tied up like a snitch. (lol)


"T.I." & "Travis Porter" & "Young Dro
"Hot Wheels
(Official Video)