"T.I." & "Travis Porter" & "Young Dro
"Hot Wheels
(Official Video) 


"Young Dro" Ft. "Jose Guapo"
 "Dat Loud"
(Official Video) 


"Young Dro" Feat. "Gucci Mane" & "T.I."
Whip A N*gga @ss With A Tall N*gga, 
Aint Sweat'n Your Broad N*gga 
"Freeze Me


"Trey Songz" feat "Young Dro
"Mojo" (Remix) 


"Trey Songz"(Original) "Mojo" 


"Young Dro", "Gucci Mane", "T.I." & "Rick Ross"
"Freeze Me"



"Cam'Ron" & "Vado" Feature "Young Dro"
 "They Holla Ayo

Eh, is beat is sick, like a woman peeing on a pregnancy stick, Not really sure if I'm feeling "Cam'Ron" yet, but he's work'n on me. Actually thinking I'm like'n his protegee "Vado's" flows, better than his though.


"8 Ball" & "MJG" Features "Young Dro"
"Bring It Back"



"Young Dro"
 Try'n To Get Stuck
"Freeze Me"



Love'n This Mix Tape By "J. Futuristic" & "Yung LA" "Batman & Robin (Super Hero Language)"


01. Intro
02. What The Game Missin
03. Money Addict
04. Money Is My Friend
05. Go Go Gadget
06. Smoke Break
07. Show Up & Show Out
08. Sauce Remix
09. TTU
10. Cars & Athletes Ft. Lil Chuckee
11. Swagger Jacker Interlude
12. Na Na Na Ft. Roscoe Dash
13. Turnt Up Freestyle
14. Gotta Have Fun Ft. Meany & G Fresh
15. Futuristic Playhouse
16. Yung LA Checks IN
17. On You
18. Trap Goin Live
19. Futuristic Differenter Ft. Travis Porter
20. Superhero Language
21. Overseas
22. Shawty Futuristic
23. Twit Break
24. Damn I Look Good Ft. Big Kuntry & Young Dro (Yung LA)
25. Left To Right Ft. Slim (J. Futuristic

"Turnt Up"

"Show Up &Show Out"

"Cars & Athletes" ft "Lil Chuckee"

"Na,Na,Na,Na,Na,Na" Ft "Roscoe Dash"

"Damn I Look Good" ft "Big Kuntry" & "Young Dro"


"Futuristic" ft "Travis Porter"

"Sauce" Remix

"Gotta Have Fun" ft. "Meany G Fresh"

"On You"

"Money Is My Friend"

"What The Game Is Missing"

ATL rapper and "T.I" protegee "Young Dro" dropped his mix tape "Lo Life". 

1. Feed Your Soldiers 
2. Thank You 
3. Go To The Club 
4. Fire 
5. Got To Know ft. Yung LA 
6. I’m On It ft. T.I 
7. You Nasty ft. Akon 
8. Want That 
9. Like A Movie 
10. Do Wit You 
11. Take Me Seriously 
12. Ric Flair 
13. Yes Sir 
14. Stacks On Deck 
15. Let’s Get It 
16. So Long 
17. History 
18. Look Good Today 
19. Walk On By

Man I can dig what "Young Dro" buried. "Feed Your Soilders", is cool cuz he keep'n it real. If you got soilders on your team that put'n in work and got yo back in da game, lace they pockets and keep em fed, before they get you for your bread.