"Chris Brown"
Ft. Tyga, Birdman & Lil Wayne - "Bigger Than Life"
Ft Nicki Minaj - "Love More
"Can't Say No

Chris Brown Ft. Tyga, Birdman & Lil Wayne 
"Bigger Than Life"

Chris Brown Ft Nicki Minaj  
"Love More

Chris Brown 
"Can't Say No


DJ Drama Ft. Tyga, Wale, Roscoe Dash - "So Many Girls" (Video)
"Future" Ft. "Tyga", "Meek Mill" & "Mystikal" - "Fly Rich"
"Rocko" Ft. "Future" & "Rick Ross" - "You Don't Even Know It"

"DJ Drama" Ft. "Tyga", "Wale", "Roscoe Dash"
"So Many Girls"
(Official VIdeo)

"Future" Ft. "Tyga", "Meek Mill" & "Mystikal"
 "Fly Rich"

"Rocko" Ft. "Future" & "Rick Ross"
"You Don't Even Know It"


"Lil Wayne" Ft. "Future" & "Drake" - "Love Me" (Official Video)
"Stafford Brothers" Ft "Lil Wayne" & "Christina Milian" - "Hello"
"Drake" - "Started From The Bottom" DJ Dubstep (Feature Cuts Rmx)

"Lil Wayne" Ft. "Future" & "Drake"
 "Love Me"
(Official Video)

"Started From The Bottom"
DJ Dubstep (Feature Cuts Remix)

"Stafford Brothers"
Ft "Lil Wayne" & "Christina Milian"

Twitter: @plthr @RealJessJohnson

 Formerly one half    of Hujje, Pleather is set to carve his own niche in the EDM    world with a unique sound that draws many influences from    the 80s and combines them with a modern twist.  The first release from Pleather is an official remix of Stafford Brothers' newest single "Hello" featuring Lil Wayne & Christina Milian.

Pleather's remix of Hello stands in stark contrast to the original version of the track. With an emotional chord progression it feels more like an 80s love ballad than a club anthem. The minimal breakdowns highlight the vocals of Christina Milian and Lil Wayne, while the vintage percussion hits and arpeggiated bassline further contribute to a sound that will take you back in time.


"Nicki Minaj
"Letter To Lil Wayne
(Unreleased Track)

Supposively Written Before 2008, B4 Signed To YM


Drake Ft Lil Wayne "HYFR" (Official Video) 
Drake Ft Rihanna "Take Care"  (Official Video) 

"Drake" is a FOOOOOL!!!! I got much respect for him keeping it real. I didn't know the dude was "Jewish", but I can dig it

Eh, he kept it real doing the "Wheel Chair Jimmy" way back before he did that

The video looked like it was hella fun to shoot. Not sure if the "Jewish" community is going to be pleased with this, you know how nobody wants to be affiliated with rappers, but "HYFR", is damn near a slapperMazel tov (lol)

"Drake" Ft. "Rihanna"
"Take Care
 (Official Video) 


"Tyga" Ft."Lil Wayne
(Explicit Official Video)
"Tyga"  Feat. "YG" & "Kurupt
"B*tch Betta Have My Money
(Official Video) 

I know ya'll be hate'n on "Tyga", but I've always had a soft spot for him since he dropped on the scene. Now, could it be because I belong to the "Baby Sitter's Club"? Could be, but I doubt it. He's growing up and this right here, slaps naps. "Roca By Baby".

"Tyga"  Feat. "YG" & "Kurupt" 
"B*tch Betta Have My Money
(Official Music Video) 

EEEEEEEHHHHHH, this beat cris-acks!!!! And I have to say my favorite lyrics on this track comes from an old skool playa from way back. "Kurupt". <<Pimp'n neva simp'n. The "Bay" betta watch out, cuz even though we share the same coast, Southern California don't share our sound, but they putting it down like they do, boo.


"Mystikal"  Feat. "Birdman" & "Lil Wayne" 
(Official Video) 

He's BAAAACK! Man, ya'll already know you can't keep a good rapper from making slappers. It don't matter if you have to sit down for some years, if you bout it, you still got some stuff that people want to hear. Mind you, I can't do a whole "Mystikal" album sober, but I will slap this track and make my Mustang crack!

As some of ya'll may know, "Mystikal" has been officially signed to "Young Money" and "Original" is the first and official video on "Young Money Records".<<<<---Congrats.


"Tyga" Feat. "Lil Wayne
"Lay You Down"
"Tyga" ft "J. Cole
"Let It Show

"I breathe love, but inhale the hate bomb"Off "Tyga's" Upcoming Album "Careless World"
Dropping February 21st

"Tyga" ft "J. Cole" 
"Let It Show" 

"I breathe love, but inhale the hate bomb"

Feel'n this. Everyone always wants to compare East vs. West, and depending on what coast you live on, will determine who you think rocked this, but for me it's a tie. Two different styles, two different view points, but made a cool lil joint.


"Nicki Minaj
"Marilyn Monroe"

"Nicki Minaj" is back with something a little less whack, but I still couldn't make it through the whole track! "Marilyn Monre", which is sure to be remade by a gang of wanna be "Nicki Minaj" female rappers like its a slapper.


"Bow Wow" Feat. "Lil Wayne
(Official Video)

Man, I feel hella sorry for "Bow Wow" he made his own fame on his own name, now he's got to use "Young Money" and "Lil Wayne" to make that change

I know as an artist you got to growand develop, but I don't want to see him lose, him. This auto-tune singing and rap'n, just aint happen'n. But we'll see, but to me, NOT GONNA MAKE IT!!!