"Yung Joc" feat. "Gucci Mane"
"Goin Ham"

Ya'll know I'm really try'n hard not to hate when I participate for the New Year, but man "Yung Joc" & "Gucci Mane", are take'n me there, without my permission. Instead of going ham they should of went spam, cuz this track needs to get canned! Plus uh, they're a little late goi'n ham, Soulja went ham months ago.


"Wale" Ft. "Yung Joc" & "D/L
Shorty Got A Problem, It's OK 911 I'm On The Way


"Yung Joc" & "Swagg Team Mafia.mov
"Give It Up"
(Official Video)


"Donell Jones" & "Yung Joc"
"Strip Club"
 Album "Lyrics" In Stores 9.28.10 
Check Out "Love Like This" (Official Video) Below

I don't know. I like "Donnell's" voice on this but It just didn't do nothing for me. I think the whole "Strip Club" theme is just worn out for me and "Young Joc" is about as sexy as "Fat Albert" so just wan't feeling this, but "Donell Jones" is trying to bring sexy back and I love that. "Lyrics" is the 6th album from the Chicago singer.


"Ray Lavender"  Features "Yung Joc"
Baby You Know How Much You Want It
Don't Hesitate Just Come Get On It 
Keep It All Real, Don't Be Phony
You Can Ride It, My Pony, My Pony
I'm All Yours Girl, You Got Me In Your World
Swear To God It Makes Me Want To Say
Shorty Got Me, Shorty Got Me, Shorty Got Me
I'm All Hers, I'm All Hers, I'm All Hers, Im All Hers

Love'n this right here, cuz this is how I be. All I got to see is one tall, dark skinned, skinny dude in the club with the pretty smile, dressed good and I'm sprung dumb. I don't even want nobody else to talk to me but him. 


"The Game" Features "Yung Joc"
"We Do it B.I.G."  
Time To Get Paid, Blow Up Like The World Trade

Yes, sir! "We Do It B.I.G." cracks. "The Game" is coming to catch his fame, and so far he aint came lame. Even "Yung Joc" who I will never stalk or chicken hawk, had a flow that was hot. I dig it, I dug, I'd push it, I'd shove it.


"Tamika Scott" Features "Trina", "Rasheeda" & "Gloss"
"Say Aah" (Remix) Female Version
(VIdeo Directed By Yung Joc)

Man, ya'll know I'm all over this like a tall dark skinny dude with attitude. I love it when females turn into riders and flip da script. It's good to see old artist coming back new, like "Tamika Scott" who was a member of the group "XCape" with "TI's" baby's mama "Tiny". "Gloss" is new on the scene and recently signed with "Hit After Hit".


"Yung Joc" Features "Lil Wayne"



"Yung Joc" 
Has "Money To Throw" With His New Video
 Off Of His Mix Tape
 "Grind Flu"

“Money To Throw” is from "Yung Joc" and  features "Montana Da Mac" off of Yung Joc’s mixtape, "Grind Flu". "Money To Throw" of course samples "Birdman’s" hit “Money To Blow” which featured "Drake" and "Lil Wayne".

Yung Joc got no attention from his label, so he's out here telling fables. All that twitters ant gold, and Joc is way too old, to make up lies about Katt Williams and DMX, just to get checks. No wonder he got dropped, cuz Joc's a bop.