Michael Crabtree, the 6ft.1, wide receiver, was 1st Round #10 draft pick, to the San Francisco 49ers. He aint got nothing on Chad Johnson, but I'd get crabs from his tree, anyday.

Larry English, 6ft.3, wide receiver, 1st round, 16th picked, to the San Diego Chargers, and those are not the pads, making his package look larger.

Darius Heyward-Bey, 6ft.3, wide receiver, 1st round, 7th picked to the Oakland Raiders, gone do his thang, on all these haters.

Percy Harvin, gone be carvin his way through, as a wide receiver, for the Minnesota Vickings, he'll be bring'n fever. 1st round & 22nd pick, I know what, where & how he can stick.

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