There's Always Two Sides To Every Story, 
Rihanna's Stretching The Truth 
& Chris Brown Aint Speaking On The Truth

"Chris Brown" responds to "Rihanna's" interview on Friday night with "Robin Roberts" They watch exerts from "Rihanna's" interview and responds to questions. He really takes responsibility for what he did rather the story was told truthfully from "Rihanna's" mouth or not. He does say he's hurt by some of the things said in "Rihanna's" interview. "Chris Brown" busted "Rihanna" out and calls her a lie without calling her a lie when she said she didn't hear the song he wrote for her "Changed Man", and he said I played it for her and she cried about a month after the incident.

Song Written By "Chris Brown" For "Rihanna"
"Changed Man"

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