"Chris Rock" speaks out about being sued for stealing "Good Hair" idea. "Chris Rock" admits that he did meet with Kimbell for a private screening of her documentary at Paramount doing research for his movie.

"Chris Rock" says he came up with this idea 17 years ago. He was in a hotel elevator overheard some people talking about The Bronner Brothers Convention, which is the biggest black hair care convention in America before visiting it for himself. Around 8 to 10 years later he met with HBO executives Nancy Gellar and Nina Rosenstein to further discuss making the documentary before meeting Mr Bernard Bronner (of Bronner Brothers) in person in 2004 and once again in 2007.

When he met with Kimbell for a private screening of her documentary it was for research not for the purpose as she states that somebody from his team told her: “I think we can help you”. "Chris Rock" is very admit that her movie Nappy Roots, unlike his movie Good Hair, is more a historical take on the topic of black hair care rather than an comedic entertainment one.

So, looks like her film is gonna get no gas, and like a kidney stone she gets passed.

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